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Author Archives: Bruce Gottesman

Newcastle United Management Vacancy: Evaluating Who Should And Will Get The Job

Posted on by Bruce Gottesman

With Newcastle’s need for a manager to replace Alan Pardew, there are two ways to look at this: who would be right for the job, and who would take the job. For me, the best man for the job just … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Alan Pardew Moving From Newcastle to Crystal Palace Makes Sense

Posted on by Bruce Gottesman

By now Alan Pardew has left Newcastle United, on his way to London to join Crystal Palace. On the surface, it seems an odd thing to do. He’s not yet halfway through his 8-year contract to manage a large club with … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Newcastle United Are a Disaster So Far This Season

Posted on by Bruce Gottesman

It wasn’t that long ago that Newcastle United was challenging for an UEFA Champions League spot and Alan Pardew was named Premier League Manager of the Season. At the end of the 2011-12 season only a masterful performance by Yaya Toure … Continue reading

Explained! How Newcastle United Turned Their Team Around

Posted on by Bruce Gottesman

As the season approached, there was quite a bit of anxiety about Newcastle United’s prospects for the season. The club finished midtable in the previous season, dropping from 9th to 12th position after blowing a 3-0 lead at home to … Continue reading

Newcastle’s Mike Ashley Is Baseball Owner Jeffrey Loria In Disguise

Posted on by Bruce Gottesman

As a Newcastle fan, I just have to throw my hands up at the Andy Carroll debacle. Whether it was the player or the owner or both, the result is the squad has been dealt a sucker punch. The fact … Continue reading

The Good And Bad Of John W Henry, Liverpool's Potential New Owner

Posted on by Bruce Gottesman

So John W Henry, current owner of the Boston Red Sox, is about to take over Liverpool. Being a Florida Marlins fan, and a baseball fan in general, I’m very well aware of Mr. Henry’s history as a baseball owner, … Continue reading