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Born and raised in California, Anthony is a full time student studying journalism with a minor in marketing. You can follow Anthony on twitter @lasersgo and @theinformsoccer.

Club Loyalty Versus Career Success: The Dying Age of One-Club Footballers

Posted on by Anthony Lane
Soccer - Manchester United Press Conference - Robin Van Persie Unveiling - Old Trafford

At what point as a player do you sacrifice club loyalty for personal success? It’s a question that surrounds professional soccer today as we see lots of players leaving the clubs that helped shape them into the footballers they are … Continue reading

How Jose Mourinho Will Revolutionize His Chelsea Team If And When He Joins As Manager

Posted on by Anthony Lane

With reports flooding in that Jose Mourinho will make his return to English football and to Chelsea this summer, many are speculating big changes to the squad. With reports from the Evening Standard that Mourinho will have a big budget … Continue reading

Clint Dempsey’s Tottenham Season Is Turning Around After Improved Performances

Posted on by Anthony Lane

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about Clint Dempsey and his season at Tottenham being, well, not up to par. Since then, Deuce has seemingly woke up. He has scored 3 goals in the past 2 games, and … Continue reading

Will the Real Robin van Persie Please Stand Up?

Posted on by Anthony Lane

Will the real Robin van Persie please stand up? Actually, will the real Robin van Persie please score a goal? The usually prolific striker has been in a bit of a funk lately, not having scored in 10 league matches. … Continue reading

Olivier Giroud is Having a Solid Season For Arsenal Despite the Naysayers

Posted on by Anthony Lane
Olivier Giroud

It’s no secret Olivier Giroud has had anything but a warm reception this season at Arsenal. After his summer move from Montpellier where he led the French side to a league title and a Champions League spot while finishing the … Continue reading

Clint Dempsey’s Season Of Discontent at Tottenham Hotspur

Posted on by Anthony Lane

Most Tottenham Hotspur supporters have been frustrated by Clint Dempsey’s performances for the Lilywhites this season. On the popular Spurs Show podcast this week, Tottenham experts Barry Castagnola, Theo Delaney and Paul Hawksbee likened Dempsey to a bad impression of … Continue reading

Why Marouane Fellaini Needs to Leave Everton

Posted on by Anthony Lane

Marouane Fellaini’s talent and immense potential are being wasted at Everton. The big Belgian midfielder has put himself on the radar of many huge clubs in Europe, most notably Manchester City, Chelsea, and Spurs. Everton is rumored to list his … Continue reading