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Author Archives: Andreas Vassiliades

How Supporting A Team Can Make You Realize You’re Not The Person You Imagined You Are

Posted on by Andreas Vassiliades

Thinking about the foundation of law in the United Kingdom, and all of Europe for that matter, that a person is innocent until proven guilty, made me wonder how, as an Arsenal fan, my immediate reaction to Jack Wilshere’s arrest … Continue reading

Hopes Of Milan Supporters Dashed By Manchester City's Robinho

Posted on by Andreas Vassiliades

On Monday morning on the 23rd of August the rossoneri and their faithful were a perfect example of mimic tranquillity. Far from a position as bad as that which Juventus are in but nowhere near the good one their city … Continue reading

The Super Seven of Manchester

Posted on by Andreas Vassiliades

Not quite as idealistic as Akira Kurosowa’s Seven Samurai and not quite as stylish as John Sturges Magnificent Seven, Manchester United’s Super Seven are the ones expected to employ new methods to restore traditional ways. Dynamic, fluid, classy, clinical and … Continue reading

5 Days In – A Peculiar World Cup – The Real Reason

Posted on by Andreas Vassiliades

There are the obvious explanations. Teams are not accustomed to the new Adidas football, teams are frightened to lose the first game, teams are set up to not concede the first goal. Could the real explanation be that football has … Continue reading

What Does Champions League Actually Mean to Tottenham?

Posted on by Andreas Vassiliades

So Tottenham are in the Champions League. Well, not quite. They are not yet qualified to the group stage, which is what most people tend to mean by the Champions League, but for arguments sake let’s assume they are. What … Continue reading