1. The Madness of Last Minute Rescheduling of Premier League Games


    The Premier League claims that fans are the lifeblood of the game and it would be nothing without them. However, some of their actions make you wonder if they really mean that. Mega TV deals mean the Premier League has prioritized the broadcasters at the expense of fans. Despite the influx of enormous amounts of money, already sky-high ticket prices continue to rise, making it more cost-prohibitive to attend a match.  Moreover, matches are routinely rescheduled for the sake of TV broadcasts, oftentimes after tickets to the match have already sold out, thus making it difficult to confirm travel…

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  2. Seattle Sounders Monthly Recap

    Seattle Sounders v FC Dallas

    Going into this season, most analysts and supporters knew it was going to take time to attain team cohesion.  This was the first time in their six seasons that the Sounders roster had to be overhauled. Gone were club originals … Continue reading