NBC brings back NBC Sports Gold for new Premier League season

For the 2018/19 season, NBC Sports will feature 150 games behind the NBC Sports Gold paywall, which means that there’ll be 230 games available on television.

Last season, NBC Sports advertised they would feature 130 games via the NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass paid subscription service, but due to the way the matches were scheduled, NBC Sports ended up showing 150 games on NBC Sports Gold. Having learned from last season, NBC Sports will again offer 150 exclusive Premier League games via NBC Sports Gold for $50. Those games aren’t available on television.

While the big clubs such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal will have approximately four games a season featured on NBC Sports Gold, many of the supporters of other Premier League clubs will find that more than 50% of their games will be streamed exclusively via NBC Sports Gold, as we saw last season.

Another change to the service includes the addition of a new series from Premier League Productions entitled Gary Neville Soccerbox where Premier League legend Gary Neville sits down with former teammates and rivals to relive their most compelling matches.

Programming on this season’s NBC Sports Gold debuts on Wednesday, August 8 – two days ahead of the Friday, August 10 kickoff of the 2018-19 Premier League season.

In addition, for the first time, NBC Sports Gold will be offered to commercial establishments.

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