Watch World Cup in Portuguese, French, Polish or Arabic

What if you could watch the World Cup at home, work or on-the-go and listen to the commentary in your own language? Normally, your choice would be to press the mute button or to grin and bear listening to the English commentary, but technology has created a better solution. Sling TV now offers the choice to watch the World Cup games with live foreign-language commentary so you can enjoy every moment of Russia 2018 in your native language.

The following in-language feeds are available:

Arabic — Includes bonus feeds (such as tactical cam, cable cam, team cam and Match 360) as well as Arabic commentary.

Portuguese — Includes bonus feeds as well as Brazilian Portuguese commentary.

French — Includes bonus feeds as well as French commentary.

Polish — Includes bonus feeds as well as Polish commentary.

There is also a World Sports package which includes all bonus feeds, as well as Portuguese and French commentary.

Visit Sling TV to see all of the options available to you today.

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