Tottenham emerges from Arsenal shadow but faces similar stadium issues

Getting back to Tottenham, they will have their new stadium ready to play this coming season. However, new reports suggest that the cost for the stadium is spiraling higher and higher. So much so that close to a billion dollars at final estimate would not be a major surprise.

Pochettino has already been told that he must sell before he buys next season. This is depressing news for an EPL team that receives hundreds of millions of dollars from revenues and TV money each season.

The similarities from both clubs look very parallel.

Tottenham will go to their new stadium with wonder and hope and with their best key players. But, if their first season ends in disappointment and the club don’t challenge for honors, then, like Arsenal, they could well see their best players start to leave the club for better opportunities.

No one doubts moving to a new stadium or redevelopment, isn’t good. Notably, it has been proven that change and adaptation, not to mention the ever looming bills, does take time. Something that is rarely afforded in the world of football.

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