ESPN+ FAQ: Answering your soccer questions about new streaming service

Q: Are there any alternative options to watch ESPN+ programming?

A: If you’re wondering what other options are available instead of ESPN+, here are a few to consider for soccer fans:

(1) If you want to watch UEFA Nations League, Univision Deportes has the rights to that tournament so you could watch those games on television or via a legal streaming service such as fuboTV, DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV (among many).

(2) For Championship, League One or League Two games, you can subscribe to many of the clubs directly via their iFollow service, but it’ll be cheaper to pay $5 per month to ESPN+ to watch a select number of games.

(3) For MLS out-of-market games, ESPN+ is the only game in town.

Q: Does that mean that the English Championship games will no longer available via ESPN3 or Sling Orange?

A: Correct. While Sling Orange will continue to provide access to sporting events and games available on ESPN3, the Football League games are no longer on ESPN3. They’re only on ESPN+ and iFollow.

Q: Do you know if ESPN FC will be available on demand or do I need to watch it nightly at 6pm ET?

A: ESPN FC will be available on-demand via ESPN+ each night.

Q: What is going to happen to the World Cup/ Euro qualifiers & the German Cup?

A: The German Cup will continue to be available via ESPN3. Regarding the World Cup and Euro qualifiers, we’ll have to wait to see what the schedule will be. Presumably most of them will be available via the ESPN TV networks and ESPN3. There is no mention of them being included on ESPN+.

Q: So, what’s the deal with the UEFA Nations League? I thought that ESPN was going to cover it as they did the Euros, where they put most games on the main channel. I didn’t know it would be mostly streaming.

A: You’re correct. ESPN+ will stream over 100 live matches from the UEFA Nations League. Approximately 36 games will be on ESPN television networks and ESPN3.

Q: What is ESPN+ powered by and how reliable is it?

A: We haven’t had an opportunity to give it a test drive yet, but ESPN+ is powered by BAMTech, which is the leading streaming technology company in the United States, so we’re very confident that it’ll work like a charm.

Q: Is the streaming available in HD?

A: Yes, 60 FPS (frames per second) stream quality. According to BAMTECH Media President Michael Paull, “ESPN+ launches with several exciting product features, including an upgraded HD stream quality to make the action crisper and cleaner, and decreased video load time, getting fans into the live action faster.”

Q: Will I be able to pause, rewind and restart live programming?

A: Yes. Pause, rewind and start-from-the-beginning functionality is available for all live and on-demand content, all with the ability to multitask on devices while streaming.

Q: Will ESPN+ feature advertisements?

A: Yes, but ESPN+ subscribers get a differentiated advertising experience throughout the entire ESPN App or website, with no display ads and no pre-roll ads within video content (ads remain in the natural advertising breaks of live sports content).

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