Nashville Soccer Club: MLS expanding to Music City is recipe for success

Major League Soccer (MLS) is headed to Nashville, Tenn., also known as Music City. Nashville showed interest in MLS expansion in late 2016 when 11 other cities submitted formal bids for one of four available MLS expansion teams. Nashville already has a strong soccer community with the Nashville Soccer Club joining the United Soccer League (USL) this year. Tennesseans are stoked about this news and are eager to prove to the rest of the country that Nashville is without a doubt a “soccer town.”

Nashville Soccer Club is going to the pros.

What is Nashville known for?

Although Nashville is a booming sports city with a passionate sports fan base, it is perhaps most known for country music, hot food and historical landmarks. In fact, downtown Nashville is home to the AT&T building, colloquially known as the Batman Building. As a mecca for entertainment, live music is always on tap every night in downtown Nashville at nearly all the bars and restaurants.

Nashville is also home to numerous casinos featuring slot machines and poker rooms. One of Nashville’s most popular casinos is Harrah’s Metropolis, which is a 24,000-square foot casino featuring over 800 slot machines as well as Texas Hold ‘Em and blackjack. There is something to do for everyone, whether you live in Nashville or you’re just visiting.

What makes Nashville a soccer city?

Being that Nashville is known for entertainment, it is the perfect place for MLS expansion because entertainment and sports go hand in hand. From people singing the blues, devouring tasty southern classics and engaging in games of poker, the city is always up to something. Plus, Nashville is no stranger to the major leagues as it is home to two major league franchises: The Tennessee Titans (NFL) and The Nashville Predators (NHL). With a third pro team invading Nashville, it is sure to create more and more sports fans in Music City.

No wonder MLS is expanding to Nashville, attendance has been skyrocketing over the years.

Nashville: A League of Their Own

Although Nashville has the National Football League and the National Hockey League, both of which are very popular among Tennesseans, the sports teams aren’t the only ones with their own league in Nashville. Nashville is also home to the infamous Elite Poker League, a free league that hosts several poker games at various venues seven days a week. The Elite Poker League focuses on providing entertainment by offering free Texas Hold ‘Em games to the public, essentially offering a fun and safe environment to experience live poker. Table winners are rewarded with trips, memorabilia and gift certificates to play poker online. Heralded as one of the best in the country, you can’t come to Nashville without checking it out!

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