fuboTV launches new-and-improved Roku app for cord cutters and sports fans

One of the biggest weaknesses of fuboTV has now been upgraded to become one of its greatest strengths.

In the past, despite all of the advances that fuboTV has made with its technology, the one version of their app that was stuck in the stone ages was the app for Roku. But since this past weekend, the apps has been upgraded where it’s a must-have app for soccer fans in the United States.

Some of the new features of the updated fuboTV app for Roku include:

Cross platform Cloud DVR functionality. With the new fuboTV Roku app, you don’t pay any extra for Cloud DVR functionality (unlike Sling TV). And one of the benefits of the fuboTV app is that you can set a game to record on any device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc) and then head to your Roku to watch the game on your big TV.

The new version of the fuboTV Roku app features a main menu that highlights several of the new and upcoming sports events that will be shown on the legal streaming service. For example, when I reviewed the app, it featured upcoming programming from the NFL RedZone, baseball World Series and NBA action featuring the Celtics against Spurs.

The app also features a “Live and Upcoming section,” which promotes — as it infers — programming that is currently live or will be in the next couple of hours. Since fuboTV has an eclectic selection of different sports channels, when I reviewed it, that section had everything from NASCAR to darts to college volleyball and Ligue 1 action featured.

On the fuboTV Roku app home screen, there are also sections for “Recently Aired” programs as well as a selection to choose from your favorite sports.

The most helpful feature of the new fuboTV Roku app is the feature to record any of the upcoming programming so you can watch it at a later time. With fubo, you get 30 hours of DVR space with the added feature of being able to keep the programs for an indefinite time.

In the Menu (accessible by scrolling to the top of the screen(, you can browse through all of the channels so you can select from the 60+ different channels available including news and entertainment programming.

There’s also a “My Videos” section for all of your DVR recordings.

Last but not least, there’s a “Settings” option where you can see the e-mail address associated with your account as well as the packages that you’re currently subscribed to. There is no option to change any of your settings other than to be able to sign out of the app.

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