Predictions for 2017/18 Premier League season as clubs splash the cash on new signings

With the huge influx of money and the most ordinary players going for sums that a few years ago would have raised questions in the Houses of Parliament, this new shiny, glossy and bundles of cash Premier League season promises to be one of the most fascinating in recent history.

Will Pep get it right at the Etihad and again frustrate Jose who might then think about moving to a place where Pep won’t follow?

Will Arsene Wenger defy all of the odds to stay as manager of Arsenal for another season? The fans have a big part to play there in creating an atmosphere that actually supports the team and not one pumped and primed for a defeat, with banners at the ready and the TalkRadio station number on speed dial for another two minute mini moan.

These are just a few of the questions that will be answered this season; see my short preview which includes predictions. See if you agree or disagree.



What to say about Arsenal?

The never ending saga of Arsene Wengers’ future should finally come to an end this season one way or another.

Either they progress satisfactorily in the Premier League and progress means truly competing for the title or the Emirates doommongers may finally get their wish.

Prediction: 5th.



Pep Guardiola is arguably the manager under most pressure this year, after replacing Joe Hart with Bravo didn’t really pan out he has now put his faith in another keeper untested in the Premier League, the saving grace being the more possession City have the less he will be tested.

The huge outlays on full backs will also be under scrutiny as will Agueros situation – his happiness and Guardiola’s faith in him.

City need to convince consistently and if they can find a settled team to enable rhythm they should be in for a very, very good season (and I make them favorites) and it needs to be as the spotlight is very much on them.

Prediction: 1st



Mourinho is not under pressure as such but will need a good start to banish the overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction around the club (despite the Europa League trophy).

Mourinho himself will also need to present a much happier facade as last season as the dour, sour touchline presence coupled with the surly post match interviews only added to the general gloomy feeling around United.

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