La Liga takes aim at fighting illegal streaming of soccer games

If you watch illegal streams of La Liga games or you’re a pirate that’s making money off these illegal streams, beware. The Spanish top-flight league and beIN SPORTS are working on shutting down sites and prosecuting individuals who are showing La Liga games without permission.

Out of all of the major soccer leagues around the world, La Liga is the one that’s leading the charge to battle online piracy. The Spanish organization has 12 people on staff in their Anti-Piracy Department that work closely with the network of global broadcasters.

One of those global broadcasters is beIN SPORTS, which announced this week that they’re working with technology company TMG to fight illegal live-streaming. In cooperation with TMG, beIN SPORTS will deploy a world-class anti-piracy strategy.

“Social networks and user-generated content websites have become straightforward places for fans to share content they don’t actually own the rights for,” said Bastien Casalta, Chief Technology Officer at TMG. “And aside from those, new pirate sites are launched on a regular basis, providing millions of users with illegal access to live sports, especially in Europe, North Africa, the Middle-East and Asia.”

The global partnership will entail content detection, monitoring, source identification, intelligence-gathering, investigations and enforcement.

Concrete measures taken by the new partnership will include live content removal, pirate link takedown and ultimately, legal action to close non-compliant websites permanently. “It will become much more difficult – and risky – for one to indulge in pirating beIN SPORTS’s premium content over the coming years,” asserted Casalta.

That puts Reddit and other sites that post links to illegal streams in the crosshair.

Meanwhile, La Liga has developed its own software named Marauder, which analyzes illegal activity by automatically detecting embedded players, streaming platforms and any other illegal form of La Liga streaming. Studies indicate that digital piracy robs Spanish soccer of nearly $186 million each season.

La Liga has also embarked on a marketing campaign to raise awareness among soccer fans of the problems caused by piracy when fans stream games. The advertisement featuring the slogan “When piracy appears, football disappears” has been shown to viewers in the United States on beIN SPORTS as well as on social media.

“We are taking all the necessary measures to make sure that La Liga’s content is commercialized legally,” Melcior Soler, the league’s director for its anti-piracy and audiovisuals department, told The Associated Press recently. “We need to protect our content to guarantee the value and the future of our competition. Revenues from broadcast rights from across the world are crucial for the clubs and are the basis for the high level of the competition.”

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