Newspaper reactions to France’s victory against Germany in semi-final [PHOTOS]


Germany vs. France. The rare marquee matchup that delivered on its massive potential. How would Europe react to such an epic night and rare result? Let’s take a look.

Germany’s Bild forlornly shouts the name “Weini!” as one of its most accomplished players failed his country. The subheadline incredulously exclaims, “Of all people Schweinsteiger, of all people our captain! A handball, a penalty, IN THE SEMIFINAL AGAINST FRANCE! Schweini, we suffer with you!”


The Neue Westfälische sadly proclaims “The End of the Title Dream”

Neue Westfalische

The Rheinische Post soberly runs a stark picture of a solo Manuel Neuer with the words “Germany says goodbye”

Rheinische Post

L’Equipe succinctly captures France’s jubilant mood with “Ecstasy”


La Dépêche showcases hero Antoine Griezmann flashing Winston Churchill’s famous “V for Victory” as the paper hails a “Beautiful Win”

La Depeche

Even Libération, a leftist paper co-founded by Jean-Paul Satre, got in on the fun as it describes Griezmann destroying Germany.


England’s Daily Star goes with the easy “Nice ‘n Griezy”

Daily Star

The Daily Mirror dances all the way back to John Travolta with its headline.

Daily Mirror Griez Lightning

Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport is one of the few outlets to praise Paul Pogba’s absolutely essential play in the win as it hails “Pogba’s Party.” Extra props for using the German word “kaputt” to encapsulate their exit.

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Poland is a country long tormented by their German neighbors. So it’s no surprise that Katowicki Sport delights in the French victory with “In the Rhythm of The Marseillaise!”

Katowicki Sport

Finally, Spain’s Marca wins the day with its clever back page referencing the wee French cartoon hero “Asterix The Gaul,” while explaining how Griezmann’s “goalscoring potion” thundered Germany and propelled France to the final.


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