NBC Sports Launches MatchMaker App to Connect Premier League Soccer Fans


NBC Sports have launched a brand-new app for Premier League soccer fans in the United States. The NBC Sports MatchMaker app helps EPL fans locate, chat and meet up with each other to enjoy watching matches with fellow supporters.

At game time, the app activates an interactive map that shows at which venues fans of a specific club are meeting, and the best bars and restaurants to watch soccer as voted on by other fans. In addition, users can seamlessly invite their friends to meet up in the moment or organize a get together in advance for an upcoming match, and start the pre-game banter early with an integrated group chat function.

Because the app is directly linked to NBC Sports Group’s Premier League schedule, fans can enable reminders about their team’s upcoming matches so they’ll never miss a kickoff, while the app’s news feed ensures they stay up to date with the latest Premier League stats, scores, and stories from ProSoccerTalk.


The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Download NBC MatchMaker app on iTunes or on the Google Play store.

When you launch the app for the first time, it’ll give you a brief introduction to how it works and will then ask you to login via Facebook or create an account later. You’ll then be asked to pick you favorite team (and even a secondary team, if you’re into that).

With the app, you can create your own Meet Up at a local pub or search to see if any Meet Ups are available in your area (see screenshot below).


On first glance, the app looks like it’ll be quite useful to make connections with fellow soccer fans in your area.

The more that people use it, the more useful it’ll become, so share the story with your friends to encourage them to get the app.


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