5 Recommended Blogs For Soccer Fans


We all love perusing the excellent content here on World Soccer Talk—why else would you be here!?—but there are plenty of other wonderful blogs that provide excellent content when it comes to the coverage of the beautiful game.

So while we encourage you continue checking in here to find out the latest thoughts from The Gaffer, Pete Quinn or Kartik Krishnaiyer, here’s some of other places on the web where you might get an additional soccer fix.



1. The Football History Boys

One of the my favorite blogs to indulge in is the “Football History Boys”, who do a stellar job on producing unique, informative and consistent content. The site mainly focuses on stories and figures from years past, providing a refreshing break from the in-your-face coverage of the modern game that can often become tiresome.

The site has made wonderful progress since it’s inception in February 2013, and at the recent Football Blogging Awards, they were named “Best New Blog” for their efforts. For history buffs, the blog is rife with tales of iconic players and teams that have decorated the beautiful game.



2. Fantasy Football Pundits

We all ponder over our fantasy football teams on a regular basis, but the best place to help you with some crucial decisions is undoubtedly “Fantasy Football Pundits”. If you’re racking your brains to remember who takes free-kicks for Sunderland or who’s usually on corners for Burnley, the site provides you with all the answers you need.

In addition, there’s regular posts from experts about the week to come, which players represent the best value-for-money acquisitions and which star you should select as skipper in order to make the most of the double points on offer.



3. Off The Post

Here’s a multi-faceted site that boasts all different kinds of intriguing content. The site’s writers not only produce match previews and reports, but tactical reviews, comment pieces and all the latest breaking news from the across the globe.

In addition, if transfer murmurings keep you going through these winter months, all the rumours are rounded up and have the rule run over them in the “Transfer Gossip” section of the site. There’s also a host of intriguing video content to delve into, which contains goals, analysis, interviews and plenty of funny stuff too.



4. Who Scored? 

Not only is Who Scored? a hive of football facts and figures, but the site boasts some of the finest writers around, combining their wonderful prose with statistical analysis to produce some engrossing content for readers.

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