Top 10 Vines to Follow For Soccer Highlights


While you may have seen the occasional Vine coming up in your news feeds, the site itself is an endless treasure-trove of bite-size entertainment. While videos of almost any nature can be found, there is no better way to use social media than spreading soccer fever and after scouring through countless six-second clips, World Soccer Talk brings you the definitive top-ten list of the best Vines to follow for highlights from the beautiful game. 

1. MLS

The American competition is quickly growing a global reputation, as big name talents and new franchises continue to make headlines. With the current season nearing its end, devotees can revisit their favourite team moments from over the year as multiple clips are posted each day. The current focus of the Vine is on departing hero Landon Donovan, with the star forward’s greatest hits being shown piece by piece.

2. Soccer Vines

Soccer Vines is the foremost destination on the site and exemplifies the philosophy behind Vine with clips of the sports’ daily highpoints, blunders and everything in-between. Fans can spend hours being mesmerised by Gareth Bale’s super strikes, or chuckle at the footage of Lionel Messi signing the shirt of a pitch invader.

3. Soccer Highlights 

Collecting the essential moments from competitions across the globe, Soccer Highlights should be one of the first Vines any fan of the sport should be following. Along with clips from all the first-class on field action, Soccer Highlights also posts a number of clips of lower-leagues and training sessions.

4. Beautiful Soccer Goals 

What is better about the game than the moment a seemingly impossible 30 yard strike crashes into the top corner of the net? Or when a superstar such as Lionel Messi beats three defenders on his own before sliding the ball around a helpless goalkeeper? Everyone watching knows when one of these special goals have been scored, and Beautiful Soccer Goals assembles the best from the world’s top players.

5. Epic Soccer

One of the original soccer Vines, this page has been a home for fans to share their love for all aspects of the sport. Now reaching an astounding 35 thousand followers, Epic Soccer’s main focus is La Liga but is being updated constantly with glimpses of the best from all over the globe. Lookout for the build-up to this weekend’s El Classico, with Real Madrid and Barcelona clips going up over the week.

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