NBC Affiliate Shows Kids Cartoons Instead of Man United-Chelsea Game


Nashville NBC affiliate WSMV made the embarrassing mistake of broadcasting children’s cartoons instead of the Manchester United against Chelsea game on Sunday, causing soccer fans to miss the first 30 minutes of the Premier League match.

WSMV felt the wrath of soccer fans who blasted the TV network on social media, complaining that they shouldn’t be watching “Poppy Cat” instead of the English Premier League.

According to the TV programming guide on its website, the Nashville NBC affiliate had planned on showing the game, but made the mistake of showing children’s programming instead.

While soccer fans missed the first 30 minutes of one of the biggest soccer games of the season so far, it was even worse for businesses in Nashville who had customers streaming out of the bars and restaurants presumably to watch the game at home on NBC Sports Live Extra or on Telemundo.

Thankfully, WSMV joined the game in-progress around the 35 minute mark.

Let’s hope WSMV gets the picture that they have a large number of vocal soccer fans.

Otherwise, as one World Soccer Talk reader eloquently said on Twitter, how would American Football fans like it if something similar happened to them?


• NBC affiliate WTOV9 in Steubenville, OH decided to show a replay of a Friday night high school football game instead of Manchester United against Chelsea.






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