5 Things That Will Happen In The Premier League This Weekend

 Aguero Derby

The 2014/15 season is eight games old and Southampton and West Ham proudly inhabit the top four while Manchester United continue to be just two bad games from a full-scale crisis.

But even in the topsy-turvy unpredictable Premier League, there are certainties to be found.

Here are five for the weekend ahead:


1. Mourinho will ‘park the bus’


With new signings Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas hitting the ground running, Chelsea have quickly developed an all-conquering swagger this season. There are already whispers of invincibility, though even the Special One is wise to scoff at such a notion.

Meanwhile, their hosts this Sunday are shipping in goals at a rate of one every hour with a defense in a perpetual state of disarray and in desperate need of marshaling.

Perhaps never before have Manchester United been in such realistic danger of being massacred by a team usually considered a title rival.

Yet despite all this we can safely assume Mourinho will set his team up to hit on the break, with Nemanja Matic and Fabregas implanted ahead of a regimented back-line and full-backs entrusted not to foray forward unless absolutely necessary.

It is his default strategy whenever he travels to a top six side and it is one that worked splendidly at Anfield last term and very nearly again at the Etihad last month.

United are uncharacteristically there for the taking this weekend, but Mourinho will choose his moment to draw blood.


2. Borini won’t swap his shirt


Should Mario Balotelli be punished further for his insipid displays and half-time swapping of shirts with Real Madrid’s Pepe on Wednesday evening then some serious brooding in the dug-out awaits the erratic Italian.

Should this occur, then Fabio Borini is expected to get the nod ahead of Lambert for a starting berth against Hull in a game suddenly laden with importance. Liverpool simply must deliver in both defensive solidity and attacking intent if they are to shake off the fans’ discord that is becoming more audible with each passing week.

Whatever the outcome we can state with utter certainty that Borini will not make the same mistake as his fellow countryman. Not only will he refuse any shirt-swapping offers at half-time or after the 90, he will probably drive home in his full kit just to be on the safe side.


3. Stoke won’t capitulate and concede eight

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