Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe to Host New Weekly Soccer Show On NBC Sports Radio


Beginning this Saturday, NBC Sports Radio will debut a new weekly soccer show featuring Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe, two of NBCSN’s soccer analysts.

Entitled The 2 Robbies ‘Football’ Show, the live show kicks off at 5pm ET and will be available on and the NBC Sports Radio mobile app. Replays will be available on-demand on both platforms.

The show, which will include insight and analysis on the Premier League and world soccer, will stream live from NBC Sports Group’s International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn. The 2 Robbies ‘Football’ Show will take calls and answer questions from listeners. The show will also feature interviews with top names in the sport including current and former players, managers and analysts.

Earle and Mustoe are two of the most astute soccer pundits on US television. Both are former footballers with an intimate knowledge of the game. And both have played in the Premier League.

Interestingly, the two pundits have also played against each other.

“I played against Mr. Mustoe on numerous occasions during his Middlesbrough days,” said Earle. “It was an era when ‘the Boro’ were one of the clubs bringing in lots of foreign talent to the league.

“Mustoe was not one of the talented foreigners, but rather a hard tenacious midfield battler difficult to shake off much like the common cold. As proven by my superior goals record, Mustoe was often assigned to do a man-to-man marking job on me when we played against each other. He was the sort of player that took his role most seriously.

“On one occasion, I can recall, when I went to the restroom in my locker room during the half time break, Mustoe was there, standing next to me!

“It’s due to those old habits that he sits so close to me in the studio nowadays.”

Mustoe remembers playing against Earle, but has different memories of their matchups against each other.

“How could I forget,” said Mustoe. “I played against Robbie Earle many times, in direct competition in the middle of midfield too. A tough competitor in a very aggressive team. He was better than me in the air – so tracking him in to the box was very difficult.

“Not surprisingly, I happen to remember a particular game at Selhurst Park – the 1st of February, 1997 (see video below). As usual, a hard game against the [Wimbledon] Dons and again, a give-it-and-take-it type of match-up against Earle, but guess who popped up with an important equalizing goal?

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