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Striker May Be Needed If Juventus Want To Be Legitimate Champions League Contender

paul pogba juventus Striker May Be Needed If Juventus Want To Be Legitimate Champions League Contender

Does Juventus need another attacker? Whether it be a new striker or an additional attacking-minded midfielder, is one needed?

It’s early in the Serie A season, but coach Massimiliano Allegri has already shown that he will at the very least, occasionally rely on Antonio Conte’s trend of using the 3-5-2 system. This system immediately limits the number of attacking options. In front of the back three, a bank of three central midfielders, as well as two wing backs, are needed. This leaves two positions for forward and attacking midfield players.

There’s an array of options up front. Allegri can deploy the likes of Carlos Tevez, Fernando Llorente, Sebastian Giovinco, Alvaro Morata and French youngster Kingsley Coman.

With Coman impressing and Morata expected back from injury before too long, it begs the question – does the Old Lady actually need another attacker?

This question is in play mainly due to speculation and rumors that have the Bianconeri interested in two major transfer targets Lukas Podolski and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez.

The squad list shows numerous quality forwards, but a new striker could be brought in to achieve success in Europe. Domestically, the Italian giants won everything under Conte, but came up short in the Champions League. Having a world-class centre-forward may be just the tonic they need to reaffirm themselves as genuine contenders for Europe’s biggest prize.

On the surface, adding a third forward in a formation that only allows two seems overkill, but on close examination it makes a fair degree of sense.

If the last few Champions League winners have taught us anything, it is that depth is king. Both Madrid and Bayern Munich had deep reserves of top players to call on in the event of an injury or suspension. Adding another top attacking threat to come off the bench, or play with Tevez and Llorente would give the Italians an elite strike force. The matter of Carlos Tevez’s struggles in Europe could also play a part. While the Argentine ended his goal-less spell in European competition last season, he wasn’t exactly hitting the heights that some may have expected him to.

If a potential move for Podolski or Hernandez doesn’t work out, Juventus still has the personnel to win a fourth straight Scudetto. If a transfer addition does come to fruition with a striker, it would give Juve the firepower to compete in Europe.

So, does Juventus need another attacker? If they are content with more domestic success then “no” would be the response. But if they want a chance at legitimate European glory, the answer is “yes”.

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