Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread


After an eventful day in the Premier League yesterday, three matches remain in gameweek 3 with Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and others involved.

For viewers in the United States, the games will be shown on:

Spurs vs Liverpool, 8:30am, NBCSN and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra
Aston Villa vs Hull, 8:30am, NBC Sports Live Extra
Leicester vs Arsenal, 11am, NBCSN and Telemundo and NBC Sports Live Extra

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

18 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread”

  1. That dive by Allen a perfect 10. Not a Neymar-esque swan dive, he made the grazing arm of Dier look like it actually impeded him.

    And Le Saux complements Allen for gamesmanship. Shameful.

    1. I think Le Saux wasn’t trying to praise Allen but simply stating players who fall like Allen did are likely to be awarded penalties. Hence he stated that he understands why players do fall ‘easily’ knowing that

    2. Mate, that wasn’t a dive. He went down easily but if you’re suggesting Dier didn’t pull him back a little bit then you need your eyes examined. Players can get away with that outside of the box but in the modern game a defender isolated with an attacker 1v1 CANNOT do that in the penalty area.

      Dowd was fully justified in calling it, but he did make some baffling decisions today. Dier’s tackle on Balotelli (should have been yellow), Lovren’s dragging down Adebayor in the penalty area (should have been a penalty) are two good examples of inconsistency from him .

      1. Mate, if you read my comment directly below what you posted – I clearly stated that it was a penalty & that Dier should have known better what his push could have led to.

        My point was that IMO Allen went down pretty easy in comparison to the amount of force that Dier pushed him.

      2. It WAS a dive.

        Whatever contact Dier made with Allen did NOT cause Allen to fall. Therefore Allen fell by his own action and that is a dive.

        Whether you judge Dier’s action to be a foul or not is open to debate, but the “foul” did not force the fall and therefore Allen dived.

        1. Do you know what a dive is? It’s when there is NO contact, ZERO, as in, never fouled. You’ve just admitted Dier fouled Allen. I’ve already said it was “soft”, meaning Allen made the most of it, but he was definitely pulled back. Dier was DAFT for doing that inside the box and, by the book, it was a clear pen.

          1. That is ridiculous. One can dive even when there is contact. A dive is when you make yourself fall without being forced. It happens all the time even when there is an actual foul.

            Yes Dier was daft but his arm IN NO WAY caused the fall. That is what im taking issue with.

            And i have studied the rules. Contact alone does not automatically mean a foul.

            Liverpool play for penalties. Only their overly robotically defensive fans fail to see it. They had far more pks than any other team last season. The gamesmanship (or should i say cheating–lets not suger coat it) is shameful.

  2. Geez, the Premier League really needs to do something about seriously punishing players who dive.

    Yes, the penalty was correct considering the referees instints in the moment regarding what they saw. Yes, Dier should know better what his actions could have resulted in. In saying all of that, Allen went down like he was shot when it’s unlikely he would have fallen as a direct result of the contact made

    1. As i said the contact was grazing at best. No way is that impedement, which is what the letter of the law is if i remember correctly.

      1. Spot on joke of a penalty. If you dive in the box should be instant red card. That will stop the diving to win a penalty.

      2. Dier pulled his arm back. He didn’t just graze him. Allen went down very easy, just like every player on every club would if they were in that situation. Doubtless Jovetic, Aguero, Dzeko would do the same and you’d cheer the penalty.

        Proper penalty call, and a missed one at the end for Adebayor.

        1. Oh like when Dzeko jumped over the late, ball-missing challengeby Skrtel (i believe) in the first half of the game at Anfield a few months ago? Would have been a stonewall pen if Dzeko let himself be caught.

          But dont let facts get in the way.

  3. Same old Arsenal – lots of possesion, not alot of goalscoring. Looks like another fantastic fourth place in the making

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