Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread


The third week of the Premier League kicks off today with 7 matches on deck. But most importantly, it’s the final Saturday action for two weeks due to the international break starting next week.

For viewers in the United States, the games will be shown on:

Burnley vs Manchester United, 7:45am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra
Manchester City vs Stoke, 10am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra
Newcastle vs Crystal Palace, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra and movie theaters
QPR vs Sunderland, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra
Swansea vs West Brom, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra
West Ham vs Southampton, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra
Everton vs Chelsea, 12:30pm, NBC and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

74 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread”

    1. Welcome back! Trouncing Sparky and Stoke today!

      And as Guy said, jtm wont believe til its March and theyre top by 6 pts

      1. I’m often lurking. I tend to be unable to control my impulses to heap (to be fair) undeserved abuse on rag and – increasingly – dipper fans.

        So I tend to stick amongst my own as far as commenting.

        Had to give a shoutout to jtm and Forest though. WTF jtm? Too early to see your boys in HD on BeIN? I thought you were a plastic fan all along. This seems confirmed now.

  1. The system that’s supposed to cover up the defensive deficiencies of the individual CBs is at fault for the lack of creativity.
    Burnley are simply marking up the Wingbacks and pushing up on the ball carrier. Nothing they’re doing is revolutionary in the pressing department but the simple get a man in his face adage. Neither Valencia or Young have provided any level of creativity or ability to beat their fullbacks.
    Switch to a 4-3-3 and sub off one of Rooney or RVP. They’ll never have a partnership. Neither has the awareness of the other. You can’t play 2 strikers in the modern game unless you have a strong midfield which this team clearly doesn’t.
    I expect a formation change. Doesn’t make any sense to have an extra CB when you can’t score.
    I think sentimentality aside Fletcher needs to go. The Ulcerative Colitis has badly destroyed his body but that doesn’t give the club an excuse to keep him around. He’s slow and ponderous and isn’t half the player he was.

  2. Welcome back Marc L great to hear from you and the stick. Half hour to go trying to contain myself very early out West.

  3. Marc L
    I thought you might have had a Euro trade deal go bad and you ended up in a gulag. :)

    Your boys are flying high tore Pool apart and that is never a bad thing.

  4. So Rooney and Dimaria are earning half a million pounds between them this week and Man United still can’t score against Burnley?

  5. Watching in Canada today. Their coverage is terrible. Danny Dichio is their Warren Barton. We are so spoiled by NBC.

    3-5-2 is not working for United. Playing everything through the middle is too easy for Burnley. Mata is invisible and no service for Rooney or RVP. Is LVG too stubborn to change it?

  6. If Rooney doesn’t get subbed off then club politics are surely at play.
    Doesn’t make sense to keep on playing Mata and Januzaj on the bench when the latter is far more direct which is what the team needs more.
    I can probably put that down to Woodward.

  7. No words to describe for this substitution. Doesn’t make any sense at all to play Anderson.
    He adds nothing to the game.

  8. That’s a great stop from Barnes with his hands.
    Januzaj coming on now is completely redundant. He has 5 minutes to affect the game and that should be his acclamation period.

  9. Poor call from Foy should have been a penalty. You have your arms and hands that high and away from your body that is a penalty.

      1. I hate it when my brain freezes. You’d think as a Penn State grad I would have had the game time down pat. Completely forgot! Got it now. Thanks! :-)

  10. United can spend all the money they want. It’s the formation that is now the problem. If he persists with playing players out of position in this 3-5-2 he will go the same way as Moyes. It’s that simple. LVG to resign by Christmas. You heard it here first!

      1. Pulis will swoop in and rescue them like Palace last season. You heard it here first.

        I’d be happy to finish 17th, staying up on goal difference ahead of Man Utd in 18th.

    1. The bigger problem is Man Utd’s confidence has been drained. They are playing at the moment as if they simply don’t know how to build scoring opportunities/plays let alone scoring.

      1. These are professional footballers not toddlers. Confidence has nothing to do with Evans making 2 terrible back passes in 2 consecutive games.
        It’s a combination of lack of ability and poor coaching.

    2. Everyone is playing in a preferred position in the 3-5-2. The problem isn’t guys playing out of position but rather the rigidity of the system itself.
      The WBs are extremely deep and offer no creativity which spells disaster.
      Only one player United have bought this summer featured today and that was Di Maria.
      The coach has been at fault for every result so far imo. For some reason that hasn’t picked up enough traction imo.

      1. Valencia and Young playing in their preferred positions? The back three look real comfortable too. Even Di Maria in central midfield? All this to accommodate Mata, Rooney and RVP? Madness. It will end in tears.

        1. Would the defense be better off with 2 Clowns or 3 Clowns?
          The Back 3/4 would be uncomfortable playing with 4 players either way.
          Young and Valencia are doing a Job defensively but the problem is attacking. They aren’t beating the first man out and they end up passing back.
          The system itself doesn’t make Johnny Evans play poor back passes.

    1. Because nobody else is daft enough to pay £26m for him?

      Has nobody ever questioned Fergie’s brother’s credentials as a scout?

  11. At this rate, Utd are poised to rack up 36 points. Might need to start planning my Fridays just to watch them play next season.

      1. Dont understand betting against ones own team to be honest. Actually not a gambling man at all but even if i were i wouldnt be able to bet against my team.

        1. Softens the blow of a defeat if you win, plus if your bet loses then you’ve usually done better than you thought.

          I know more about my own team than others so I might have a chance to get one over on the bookies either way.

          That said i’m not going to win that one today.

          1. Agree with ICK on that. I won 100$ on the 2011 Champions League final betting on Barcelona.
            That was definitely the worst I ever felt receiving money but either way you win.

  12. That’s a clear penalty Stoke were denied.
    I can see a goal from City coming preferably from Silva. I may take some stick but imo he’s the best player in the premier league. He’s the perfect no.10 and he defends plus he can play wide. Can’t find a significant weakness in his game at all.

  13. Since we scored I’ve just cleaned the bathroom and ironed my shirts for work, anything to avoid seeing an update.

    I’ll be able to wear my Stoke top with a little pride now at Vancouver and Seattle.

    The best present I’ve had for my birthday (the missus shouldn’t see this).

    Gaffer, still predicting 17th for Swansea? Monk for United?

  14. Just seen Diouf’s goal. Bloody hell!

    Hughes has done what he should have done at the start of the season, gone back to the side that finished the season and gradually blended the new signings in.

  15. My frustration with NBC continues, not with their broadcast quality or commentators (some are a bit too chatty – but it’s ok) but with only showing one game on broadcast TV at the 10 am (EDT) slot.

    NBC could show one game on NBCSN and one game on CNBC. Today was a good example. Missed the Newcastle game or the Swan game.

    And NO I don’t want to watch games online but if that will be the only option ever then fix/improved Live Extra online. It’s crap vs ESPN3.

    This is really the one thing I’d like to see NBC change/improve. Show 2 games at the 10 am slot.

    Now with Comcast (with owns NBC) I’d like to see the other change and that is show the On Demand games in both SD and HD. Some of us can’t afford getting HD package.

  16. Did not see that coming. Oof.

    Dzeko (as usual when we lose) should have started. Gives a contrast to all our small attackers and a focal point, yet still very technical and has good link up. Jovetic, Nasri and Aguero are a bit alike in their game and i dont think all 3 are necessary.

    1. I was surprised (but pleased) he was only on the pitch for 27 minutes. He gives your squad a whole other dimension I was quite happy not to see for most of the match.

  17. From watching the halftime highlights of everton v chelsea these linesmen are doing a really poor job. Perhaps just the one actually. Looked like 4 bad calls from him that have affected the game.

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