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SAT, 2:30PM ET

Sunderland vs Manchester United: Starting Lineups, TV Times and Open Thread

sunderland Sunderland vs Manchester United: Starting Lineups, TV Times and Open Thread

Today’s Sunderland-Manchester United match gives United manager Louis Van Gaal an opportunity to get United off to a better start than the 2-1 loss to Swansea last week.

For viewers in the United States, the game will be shown on:

Sunderland vs Manchester United, 11am, NBCSN and Telemundo and NBC Sports Live Extra

Starting lineups:

Sunderland: Mannone, Vergini, v Aanholt, Brown, O’Shea, Cattermole, Larsson, Rodwell, Buckley, Wickham, Fletcher

Subs: Pantilimon, Jones, Bridcutt, Gomez, Altidore, Mavrias, Roberge

Manchester United: De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Blackett, Valencia, Cleverley, Fletcher, Mata, Young, Rooney, v Persie

Subs: Amos, M. Keane, James, Kagawa, Hernandez, Welbeck, Januzaj

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

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17 Responses to Sunderland vs Manchester United: Starting Lineups, TV Times and Open Thread

  1. goatslookshifty says:

    Most Man Utd supporters would prefer to have former players O’Shea and Brown instead of the B level defenders they have on the pitch now.
    Rojo better be a decent signing or Utd are doomed again this year.

  2. jtm371 says:

    Cleverley picking up where he left off last year. Playing three at the back with these three players is stupid.

  3. jtm371 says:

    Talk about against the run of play wow.

  4. Flyvanescence says:

    RODWELL! Wish him all the best, terrible luck with injuries.

  5. goatslookshifty says:

    That sound you hear is Angel DiMaria stuffing his proposed Man Utd contract in the shredder.

  6. Jazz says:

    I’d sub Young out for Reece James and Mata for Januzaj.
    If Januzaj doesn’t come one we have no chance. He’s the only creative player we have that can support RVP and Rooney.
    Mata isn’t doing much besides running in circles and getting pushed off the ball.
    Herrera being out has enabled Cleverley to play and Cleverley is showing that he’s a massive drop off from the Spaniard.

  7. Jazz says:

    It’s not to hard to say LVG is at fault for this showing.
    Young and Valencia shouldn’t be playing at the same time in a back 3/5 only an injury crisis should permit such but we have decent LB on the bench while Young is getting torn apart and contributing nothing going forward.

  8. jtm371 says:

    How you justify 60mil pound for DiMaria when your defense is hideous is beyond me. Championships are won with a strong defense. I think we can all agree preseason is overrated.

  9. goatslookshifty says:

    A few years back, players like Fletcher, Cleverly, Young and Smalling were Utd’s Capital One Cup team. Now they’re the starters?

    • Jazz says:

      Fletcher was a starter at United and has only become what he is now because of Ulcerative Colitis. He’ll never be the player he was in 2008-2009 again.

  10. Jazz says:

    Young still being a diving Swan.

  11. Flyvanescence says:

    Encouraging performance today by the Red Devils. Very happy with what i saw.

  12. Ivan says:

    United are looking at 5th to 8th place finish. It will be tough to get into Europa League after they’ve dropped 5 out of 6 points to Swansea and Sunderland.

    With the likes of Citeh, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Liverpool to come, and the aura of invincibility long gone, this will be another long and painful season.

    Di Maria, a good footballer in his own right, isn’t the answer. Look at that defense. Look at that midfield.

    Mayes may not have been the villain after all. The Old Vampire and the Glazers did it, and the Old Vampire was smart to leave the club at the right time to preserve his legacy.

    Bad news for all bandwagon Man Utd fans: this team won’t win any trophy in the next 5 years (the Coca Cola, Elvis Presley, and Mickey Mouse cups don’t count).

  13. Brian says:

    Whenever LVG has started with a new club they were slow starters. The way he structures his system it takes time for everyone to become comfortable with it. He himself said this week that it will take about 4 months for United to play well in his system.

    Bayern didn’t win any of their first 4 games when LVG took over yet they went on to win the title that year. I don’t think United will win the title but I don’t think we can say with any certainty that they will finish outside the top 4. Long way to go.

  14. Rob says:

    NBC gave Mata Man of the match????

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