Commentators for Premier League Matches On NBC Sports, Gameweek 2

NBC has announced the commentators for this weekend’s Premier League matches that will be shown on television and Internet across the United States.

Here’s the line-up:

Saturday, August 23:

Aston Villa vs Newcastle, 7:45am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Jim Proudfoot & Chris Waddle
Chelsea vs Leicester, 10am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Daniel Mann & Tony Gale
Crystal Palace vs West Ham, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra and movie theaters; Tony Jones & Alan Curbishley
Southampton vs West Brom, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra; Joe Speight & Barry Horne
Swansea vs Burnley, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra; Gary Weaver & Andy Hinchcliffe
Everton vs Arsenal, 12:30pm, NBC and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra; Arlo White & Lee Dixon

Sunday, August 24:

Hull vs Stoke, 8:30am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Jim Proudfoot & David Pleat
Spurs vs QPR, 8:30am, CNBC and NBC Sports Live Extra; Ian Darke & Clive Allen
Sunderland vs Manchester United, 11am, NBCSN and Telemundo and NBC Sports Live Extra; Jon Champion & Danny Mills

Monday, August 25:

Manchester City vs Liverpool, 3pm, NBCSN and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra; Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux

Two days after playing against Arsenal, Tim Howard makes his season broadcast debut in the studio with NBC Sports Group joining Lee Dixon and ITV Sport’s Matt Smith at the Manchester City-Liverpool match for a live on-site studio appearance for Premier League Live at 2 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

It’ll be Smith’s debut on US television, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does in place of Gary Lineker who’s presumably unavailable due to other commitments. Smith will be an unfamiliar face to many soccer fans in the United States, except for the hardcore viewers who may have seem him on ITV in the past.

18 thoughts on “Commentators for Premier League Matches On NBC Sports, Gameweek 2”

        1. It should be the regular Ian Darke. He’s doing the commentary for BT Sport, a British audience, which NBC will be picking up (the feed).

          1. Love Ian in any event. He does call the match slightly different for a US audience. Hopefully he will drop a word or two for us here in the States.

            Now if NBC wanted to light up the audience I suggest that they team Arlo White, Tim Howard, and Ted Lasso for a match. It will be a hit!

    1. Arlo White is absolutely useless as a commentator. Please keep him away from the big games, give him some MLS games, leave the Premier League to the professional commentators!

  1. Bit off topic, but didn’t know where else to ask this.

    I’ve noticed that not all of the EPL games are shown on replay via NBC Sports Live Extra. Furthermore, some of them appear on the site later than others (relative to their start time). Is there any reason to which games get shown on replay and which don’t, or to when they are posted? Would it be possible for someone to get in touch with NBCSN to find out what is happening?

    As someone on the west coast, it’s hard to rely on NBC to watch the matches that I want to watch if I don’t know which ones will be available.


    1. Curtis, good question. The reason why not all of the games are available on replay is because of a bizarre restriction from the Premier League. I’m sure NBC would love to make them all available, but they’re not allowed to.

      The games can only be made available on replay after a certain number of hours, which is why they all don’t get released at the same time.

  2. This is the second week I have noticed a posting like that of the Hull v Stoke match as, “NBC Sports Live Extra and NBC Sports Live Extra”.

    What is up with that??

  3. So that means the biggest clash of the season so far on monday night at etihad will be commentated by jim beglin&peter drury. I can’t wait those two have became great pair at the big clashes.

  4. Please stop using Arlo White, as a commentator on important BPL games. He is absolutely inadequate and dreadful, knows nothing about Football (soccer). All he does is give out a lot of uselessa and boring stats from a prepared script. Let him try MLS and stop him ruining our beautiful game. Rather than listen to him, I switch to the Spanish language option!
    Please leave us with the real commentators like Martin Tyler (best), John Champion, Jim Proudfoot and other UK guys!

  5. My wife and I are avid Premier League fans, watching anywhere from 3-6 matches per week. She is a Man U fan and I a Man City fan. For the past 2 weeks we have had the dispeasure of having to listen to Jon Champion and Danny Mills commentate 2 games. Danny Mills is the most negative announcer we’ve ever heard. It’s not even good stats, just how bad Man U is doing. Why can’t NBC have more announcers like Ian Darke and Macka? We’d rather listen to all Sanish than these two.

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