Why Balotelli Is Worth The Gamble For Liverpool

Mario Balotelli looks set to become a Liverpool player, after a £16 million price was agreed with AC Milan. But can the Italy forward keep himself in the starting lineup and out of trouble?

As a Liverpool supporter, news that that Liverpool had spoken to AC Milan over a possible loan deal made me optimistic that the player could have a big impact in Liverpool’s league finish.

However, the big issue with Balotelli has always been his temperament; if he feels slighted, or if results begin to waver he will be the first to throw his hands in the air and complain. My scepticism over Balotelli’s potential arrival was only exacerbated by the fact that Liverpool’s last high-profile loan signing Nuri Sahin failed to make his mark at Anfield.

Loans typically happen to offer young players game time – new Liverpool loanee Javier Manquillo stands a much better chance of displacing Glen Johnson than Juanfran at parent club Atletico Madrid.

Additionally, a loan arrangement is usually made if the player is no longer wanted at the club, but no potential buyers are interested in taking him on permanently.

Balotelli is already an international and featured heavily last season as Milan’s top scorer. The Serie A outfit shot down a loan deal, wanting to wash their hands of the enigmatic striker for good, while he still has some value.

Mario Balotelli offers Liverpool three things; Premier League title-winning pedigree, Champions League experience and guaranteed goals.

Our current squad will be new to the Champions League, with Steven Gerrard and Martin Skrtel standing as the only members of the starting lineup with previous participation in the competition.  Experience will be key for Liverpool to advance to the latter stages of the competition. Balotelli offers that.

With AC Milan he has shown that with an average, aging team he can still produce goals and matching winning performances. He scored 14 times in 30 league appearance, and if he were to keep up a similar average of a goal every other game, then £16 million can only be seen as a bargain.

At just 24 years old, Balotelli has 4 league titles under his belt and a runners-up medal for Italy in Euro 2012. Liverpool are getting a recognized striker who will almost surely cause a few headaches for Brendan Rodgers. However, his ability and potential match-winning impact outweighs the negatives by a considerable amount.

16 thoughts on “Why Balotelli Is Worth The Gamble For Liverpool”

  1. He definitely helps with your Champions League campaign given the depth he can give but how does he fit into the system Liverpool play? I think that is the bigger question than when will he act out because he will act out.

  2. “Javier Manquillo stands a much better chance of displacing Glen Johnson than Juanfran at parent club Atletico Madrid”

    Why are you talking about this ????

    Since you are – Get a grip mate ! Johnson is terrible and would be sold but no one wants him on is current wages. Manquillo will easily displace johnson as first choice right back

  3. Who does Brenda drop to include Balotelli? Yes Liverpool need a striker and he can be brilliant when he wants to be, but that’s all he is, and can he play with Sturridge that’s the question.

    Big big gamble for Liverpool especially as there’ll be a bunch of games he won’t play because he’s either sulking or on suspension. What’s telling for me is Chelsea needed another striker and Mourinho didn’t want him second time around.

  4. A terrible signing for Liverpool. They have purchased a lazy, overrated and disrupted player who believes his own hype. The only reason he is viewed as this great talent is because young players in Italy are terrible and he one of the few decent young players Italy have.

    He is no better than Danny Welbeck, but has the novelty, crazy tabloid lifestyle and lack of quality players of the same nationality that means he is hyped beyond belief. He is the Paris Hilton of football.

    We have replaced a world class player who worked hard and performed on the pitch and was a bit troublesome, with a player who thinks he is world class and lazy. Suarez scored an amazing amount of goals for Liverpool. Balotelli in his 3 years in England he only scored 16 goals.

    Liverpool are a high-tempo team, how is the lazy Balotelli going to fit in?

    1. Pretty harsh assessment.

      It will be interesting to see how he fits in. On the face of it, it would appear he won’t be a match for the up-tempo play of Liverpool, and he does come across at times as lazy.

      I don’t agree with your on him being no better than Welbeck. Mario is much more talented.

      Just a correction on your goals stat: He scored 20 in 54 league matches and 30 in 80 matches in total. That’s a decent return … but not Suarez or Sturridge levels, for sure.

      In the time since he went to Milan in 2013 only two Premier League players have scored more goals, and you know who they are.

      Anyway, I think he’s worth the punt.

      Who would you rather Liverpool acquire?

  5. if you asked me to “gamble” five grand of my money that Balotelli will score 15-20 goals, not get sent off at least twice and not be a negative reflection to Liverpool this season, I’d pass.
    He’s 24 years old and has bounced from European club to club.
    Can’t wait to see him back in the prem though.

  6. Talented no doubt but as united saw with Ravel Morrison talent isn’t enough theses days. I can’t wait for him and Sturridge to start throwing punched at each other.

    1. This has to be one of the dumbest comparisons ever. Balotelli is a proven winner at the highest level having won league titles in two countries, won a Champions League and played in that competition on many occasions and has played for Italy for the past 4-5 years. Ravel Morrison is just another overhyped British player that has done nothing except show promise. If he was that good, even overlooking his behavioral problems, he would be playing for a top club and producing. Players like Balotelli and Suarez are troublesome but are good enough on the football field that the top clubs don’t mind having them in their team.

  7. For all his faults, Suarez made the guys around him better. Never slacking, always running with or without the ball. Having 2 moody characters up front won’t be as fruitful as last season’s SAS pairing

  8. Football-wise Balotelli is very talented and has won Serie A titles, a Premier League title, a Champions League winner’s medal and is a starter for Italy. For someone who is still 24 that is mighty impressive. While he has been in trouble on more than one occasion he hasn’t done anything comparable recently which may be a sign that he is growing up. While he can be a liability sometimes on the field there’s no denying his game-changing talents too.

    Rodgers must know what he is getting and will no doubt try to get the best out of Balotelli and create an environment where he won’t be disruptive. No one knows how this will play out but given Balotelli’s talents Liverpool feel it’s a risk worth taking.

    While Liverpool are only paying 16 million pounds for him (Milan are selling him for 3 million less than they paid City to get him, they want him off the books because of his high wages)Liverpool may have to pay him high wages which will make the signing more costly. How this will affect other Liverpool players is left to be seen.

  9. Wasn’t Milan the dream club that he always wanted to play for? It seems to me like he’s destined to just move from team to team his entire career

    1. Besides the two Milan clubs he has only played for City. A couple of reasons why he is leaving Milan, they are rebuilding and aren’t very good at the moment and he has been the subject of racial abuse by fans on more than one occasion.

      It’s a gamble taking him but if he can give Liverpool even one good season he might be worth the trouble. Much of his problems when at City was when he was still around 21 years old. Has he matured since? That’s the big question. There’s no doubting his talents though. We’ll find out soon enough if Liverpool made the right choice. If he can help Liverpool win the title, regardless of his antics, Liverpool will feel it was worth it. Time will tell.

  10. Balotelli is a immature punk has never been held responsible for his childish acts. Would love to know why all pool fans thinks he has matured in the last three years. Oh well he is your dumpster fire good luck keeping it contained. :)

  11. The one thing that most people are missing is that Balotelli puts fear in the opposition. No one likes to play against him. That in itself could help Liverpool. He will demand attention which could benefit the likes of Sterling and Sturridge just as Suarez did for them.

  12. As a Man City supporter, all I can say is good luck. He has his moments, unfortunately the not so good outnumber the good.

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