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Vincent Tan Delivers Revenge On Malky Mackay to Scupper Move to Crystal Palace

vincent tan malky mackay Vincent Tan Delivers Revenge On Malky Mackay to Scupper Move to Crystal Palace

Less than 24 hours ago, Malky Mackay looked set for a return to Premier League management with Crystal Palace following his acrimonious departure from Cardiff City last December. However the offer has now been taken off the table following the intervention of Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan.

The exact details are as yet unclear. However, Wales Online newspaper reports that Cardiff’s Malaysian tycoon owner sent a dossier detailing Mackay’s alleged misconduct during his time with the Welsh club to the FA prompting Crystal Palace co-owner Steve Parish to take action.

The relationship between Tan and Mackay has long been known to have been a difficult one with neither party being able to work harmoniously particularly once the Welsh side made it to the Premier League.

Vincent Tan was quoted as saying, “Indeed far too much dirty linen has been exposed to the public gaze. But, I stress, not by me” in the aftermath of Mackay’s departure with the details continuously limited ever since.

Mackay then pursued a lengthy case attempting to receive compensation only to rather surprisingly drop the case completely in May following an agreement on a private settlement with Vincent Tan.

The matter appeared to be closed. But when Tony Pulis sensationally walked out on the Selhurst Park club just two days before the start of the Premier League season, Mackay was immediately installed as the favorite.

The Mirror reports that the dossier handed to the Football Association by Tan includes details of agents and lawyers within the game whom are believed to have been involved with commission payments that Tan refused to pay. Plus, The Mirror newspaper adds, “The FA have received the dossier, which allegedly also contains evidence of racist, sexist, and homophobic texts and emails.”

Cardiff has also brought into question the amount paid to agents in several of the deals completed during Mackay’s time in charge.

In an already murky saga, the waters are likely to be muddied even further in the near future after it was made public last week that Crystal Palace had been fined £10k following the ‘spygate’ incident involving the club’s fixture with Cardiff City last season.

Cardiff City is expected to launch legal action against Crystal Palace following that ruling with many prepared for a similar drawn out process to the one we saw between West Ham United and Sheffield United over the Hammers’ illegal use of Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez and the Yorkshire club’s eventual relegation in the 2006-07 season.

Today’s developments come as a further blow to Crystal Palace’s preparations for the Premier League season with Keith Millen once again expected to be in charge for the Eagles’ clash with West Ham on Saturday.

It is believed Steve Parish will now turn to Tim Sherwood or Martin Jol following Glenn Hoddle’s refusal to enter talks after having just joined QPR as a first-team coach.

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8 Responses to Vincent Tan Delivers Revenge On Malky Mackay to Scupper Move to Crystal Palace

  1. jtm371 says:

    vinnie tan is what is wrong with modern football. More money than common sense. What a POC!

  2. EDub says:

    Tan is definitely a weirdo … but it sounds like Malky is no saint in this situation.

  3. Gringo says:

    Some of the quotes attributed to Mackay are pretty ugly and racist

  4. Pakapala says:

    Said it then as I am now: Malky and Moody are what’s wrong with the game. They thought they could run over Vincent Tan (thinking to themselves he’s one stupid foreign sugar daddy who’s money we can separate from his pocket before he knows what hit him). When they couldn’t get their way they started mudslinging Tan in the media and feed into the xenophobic undertone story the media love so much: Crazy foreign owner ruining good brave British manager and/or club.

    Karma is a…

  5. john marzan says:

    wow, if only malky mackay have audio tape dirt on vinny tan saying racist things, he could have “donald sterlinged” cardiff’s tan.

  6. john marzan says:

    from twitter

    @johnnyduerden Source close to Kim Bo-kyung says Kim never suffered racial abuse from Malky Mackay. Praised Mackay for helping Kim settle.

    @johnnyduerden Source close to Kim Bo-kyung also claims that Mackay told Kim that he wanted to take him to Crystal Palace

  7. john marzan says:

    Should be time for quite a few to read @JohnnyDuerden’s piece on Vincent Tan from January or to eat more humble pie!

  8. manc says:

    Lower on the evolution scale are the media pundits who backed “old boy network” Mackay & Moody over “johnny foreigner” Tan during the Cardiff fallout. A lot of red faces today.

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