Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, Spanish Super Cup 1st Leg: Open Thread

One week after winning the UEFA Super Cup, Real Madrid has the opportunity to take a big first step to gain a satisfactory result in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup today against Atletico Madrid.

The derby, which features the winners of the La Liga title against the Copa del Rey champs, will be shown live on US TV and Internet at:

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, 4:45pm ET, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes and ESPN3

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

7 thoughts on “Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, Spanish Super Cup 1st Leg: Open Thread”

      1. It’s a valid question. Atletico are still rebuilding themselves and paying off after a former President I think it was mismanaged the club financially and now they’re a solid 500 million Euros in debt. The former President was arrested for something like tax fraud . I can’t exactly remember but his actions have repercussions to this day.
        If not for him Torres, Aguero, Costa, and De Gea most likely wouldn’t be playing in the Premier League.
        It’s very interesting because Atleti have no right to even challenge Real. Real have 2 teams of all world class players and everyone they buy comes at a significant cost. Isco is a squad player and they bought him for 36 million Euros. They bought James Rodriguez for playing well in a 7 game tournament for an exorbitant fee and they broke the record for Bale and he wasn’t and still isn’t in the same class as Ronaldo of 2009.
        As to the original question. I believe Gareth Bale and Ronaldo by themselves are worth more than the entire Atletico squad.

  1. I am just enjoying some world class football after work, in (almost) prime time.

    You can’t beat that.

    And, every time Real concedes a late goal, that’s always a bonus!

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