Watch NBCSN’s Exclusive Interview With Steven Gerrard On Sunday at 7am ET

In the latest 20-minute episode of Premier League Download, NBC’s Rebecca Lowe sits down with Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard for a heartfelt interview with the Premier League footballer.

Whether you’re a Liverpool fan or not, the interview is a must-see. Lowe, in a reserved but purposeful manner, manages to allow Gerrard to open up and give an honest account of the last few weeks of the 2013/14 Premier League season that you’re unlikely to see or hear in other interviews. Her interview technique is sincere and genuine, which allows Gerrard to respond in kind, and share some of his innermost thoughts regarding the Liverpool drama of losing the title at the last gasp.

Gerrard also speaks openly about the summer sale of Luis Suarez, and what he thinks would be the ideal ending to his time at the club.

The 20-minute episode will air on NBCSN at 7am ET on Sunday, August 17. Make sure you don’t miss it (and if you live on the west coast, be sure to DVR it). Just as it shows a different side of Gerrard that we seldom see, it also is a good testament to Lowe’s skills as an interviewer as we already know her talent as a presenter.

The segment also features an exclusive interview with Brendan Rodgers in addition to a tactical breakdown by Mustoe and Earle regarding how much of an impact Gerrard has on the Liverpool team.

Here’s a sneak-peek of the interview:

5 thoughts on “Watch NBCSN’s Exclusive Interview With Steven Gerrard On Sunday at 7am ET”

  1. The guy is a legend. The way he acknowledges the Cheslea slip (“the Chelsea moment” as he calls it) is so admirable, in the way that he quickly acknowledges his shortcomings. At the same time he stresses that he’s not so hard on himself as to blame the whole 38-game season’s result on himself alone. Great sportsmen, indeed great people have this kind of balance when looking at things that can be difficult to deal with. He’s an example in life as well as the top tier of sport. Good on him.

  2. Next week on premier league cliches, another footballer describes what it feels like to be over the moon early doors.

      1. Thanks jtm. Too many false dawns to start dreaming yet. But definitely encouraging signs.

        No one likes us, we don’t care.

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