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Luis Suarez Takes Part In First Training Session With Barcelona [VIDEO]

luis suarez Luis Suarez Takes Part In First Training Session With Barcelona [VIDEO]

Luis Suarez has completed his first day of training with Barcelona. The Uruguay international was awarded a partial victory yesterday when his four-month ban from all football-related activities was amended by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The court considered his ban on all football-related activity “excessive” and clarified that his suspension will “apply to official matches only and no longer to other football-related activities (such as training, promotional activities and administrative matters).”

Suarez is now able to train and will be presented to Barcelona supporters prior to the club’s next pre-season friendly against Leon FC on August 18.

Speaking to Barca TV following today’s training session, Suarez said that he is “happy to be with his teammates and feels like a footballer again,” while also admitting he is “paying for an error” that he committed.

“I am very grateful to the Club for all it has done for me over these last few weeks and days. They have been great with me and I appreciate it because I am realizing my dream, to play for Barca,” Suarez said.

“I’m very happy to feel like a footballer again and to be with my teammates. I really wanted to get going. It was an uncomfortable situation. I’m paying for an error that I committed.”

Luis Suárez, happy to “feel like a footballer… by fcbarcelona

El primer día de Luis Suárez, en 100 segundos by fcbarcelona

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5 Responses to Luis Suarez Takes Part In First Training Session With Barcelona [VIDEO]

  1. NeilO says:

    this guy is a brute.

  2. Vitamin Enhanced says:

    Here’s a loser who just keeps succeeding because the courts and teams like Barca just don’t care. Hey if he can score goals all is forgiven. It’s a shame.

  3. Denise Vail says:

    I hope al players have taken their Rabies vaccinations. I’m surprised know one has beat the living crap out of this dog face.

  4. Frill Artist says:


  5. jtm371 says:

    Piece of crap so glad i will never see him play again. Hope barca bombs out this season.

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