Commentators for Premier League Matches On NBC Sports, Gameweek 1

NBC has announced the commentators for this weekend’s Premier League matches that will be shown on television and Internet across the United States.

Here’s the line-up:

Saturday, August 16:

Manchester United vs Swansea City, 7:45am, NBCSN and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra; Peter Drury & Jim Beglin
Leicester City vs Everton, 10am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Daniel Mann & Trevor Francis
West Ham vs Spurs, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra and select movie theaters; Gary Weaver & Tony Gale
QPR vs Hull, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra; Tony Jones & Don Goodman
Stoke vs Aston Villa, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra; Joe Speight & Garry Birtles
West Brom vs Sunderland, 10am, NBC Sports Live Extra; Gary Taphouse & Dean Sturridge
Arsenal vs Crystal Palace, 12:30pm, NBC and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra; Arlo White & Lee Dixon

Sunday, August 17:

Liverpool vs Southampton, 8:30am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux
Newcastle vs Manchester City, 11am, NBCSN and Telemundo and NBC Sports Live Extra; Jon Champion & David Pleat

Monday, August 18:

Burnley vs Chelsea, 3pm, NBCSN and mun2 and NBC Sports Live Extra; Martin Tyler & Danny Mills

10 thoughts on “Commentators for Premier League Matches On NBC Sports, Gameweek 1”

    1. I’m assume you are making a joke? If not, thank goodness not!

      I can’t stand the whole Ted Lasso concept. Dumb humor (if one can even call it humor). Reminds me of Adam Sandler, i.e. Waterboy humor. Idiotic and not funny.

  1. Marin tyler. peter drury. jon champion. my favourate three all time commentators are back. Especially tyler&drury are fresh from calling the world cup final with two different stations just four weeks ago in maracana. What an opening weekend!

    1. It would be awesome for the lead-in segment where they talkti the commentators at the stadium during the pregame show. Obviously it would get old fast if they tried to pull it off in the actual game.

  2. Arlo White SUCKS as a commentator. All he does with his verbal diarrhea is tell you what you are seeing/watching with your own eyes!! It’s SO f****** annoying. Am guessing he thinks that the audience has no idea what’s happening in the match – that we’re stupid. I have to turn off the sound when he’s on the schedule – he just spoils the whole match with his incessant blithering. And, he’s such a drama queen. Boring and annoying! I hate watching matches without sound but it’s a necessity – he just sucks all the enjoyment out of watching a match.

    1. Must entirely agree,

      Arlo White is frankly, terrible, as he has clearly no respect for the game, and chronically smothers it with his sycophantic chatter (a servile, hair tugging deference to all about him), utterly meaningless trivia ( drones on about players children’s names etc.) and game destroying self important narcissism, and the probably worst, Arlo generally tends to avoid actually commenting on the game at hand, will comment on everything else, but the game, as if, his not actually interested.

      There are so many good examples of 1st. class commentary available to emulate, so it’s obvious he doesn’t care.

      I too, turn off the sound. Commentators like him, steal the game from the viewers.

    2. I thought I was in the wilderness on this always getting hammer for the same opinion. He is a clown go back to mls.

      Then they throw well he is better than Gus. That is just plain stupid. Do not justify bad behavior with worst behavior. Linda summed it up arlo SUCKS spot on Linda! :)

  3. Agreed. He talks way too much about incessant facts. Stuff like what the players had for breakfast that morning or how the sun is rising from the east or how many watts are in his headphones. His voice is also annoying.

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