NBC Sports Will Offer Enhanced Matchday Coverage For Premier League Season

After a debut Premier League season where NBC Sports exceeded everyone’s expectations, the sports network is preparing for its sophomore season in covering the world’s most popular sports league.

While there have been plenty of changes on the pitch, with transfers galore by each club, NBC Sports is planning on several enhancements to elevate the production of Premier League games for viewers in the United States.

In a teleconference call with NBC Sports Coordinating Producer Pierre Moossa, the executive revealed the following insight regarding enhancements to its coverage:

1. Tactical cameras. “There will be a tactical camera at numerous games, which will be at all 22 for the football folks where they can really break down tactics. That’s one of the neat things that are being employed as well as additional feeds coming from the UK that will help dress up the show a little bit better,” said Moossa.

2. Improved on-site footage. “The No. 1 focus from day one was trying to bridge that geographical divide between the fact that we’re over in the U.S. broadcasting a league that’s across the pond, so some of the things that we’re working on and continue to work on is being on site more and more, so more on site studios, more reporters, more access and communication with the commentators and co commentators over in the UK, a little bit more of that ‘newsy’ feel and that sense of place.

“The focus has always been building on what we started last year, and from day one we focus on how we can make each and every show better, and that’s the No. 1 goal.  There are small tweaks we can make here and there and there will be some slight coverage tweaks, but generally speaking we want to make every single show we can do possibly better and execute at an even higher level.”

On behalf of everyone at World Soccer Talk, we can’t wait to see what NBC’s coverage has in store for us during the upcoming season.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the games in the 2014/15 season with our Premier League TV guide.


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