Legia Warsaw Suggest Meeting With Celtic; Scottish Champs Decline

On Friday, UEFA handed Celtic FC a Champions League reprieve when the governing body ruled that Legia Warsaw had fielded an ineligible player during its 6-1 aggregate victory over the champions of Scotland in the third qualifying round.

The player in question, Bartosz Bereszynski, came on in the final minutes of the second leg victory over Celtic. He has previously been handed a three-match ban after a red card during last season’s Europa League campaign. Legia believed Bereszynski had served his three match ban after he missed two games against St Patrick’s Athletic as well as the first leg match against Celtic.

But the player was not included on the Polish club’s squad list that was submitted to UEFA for the matches against St Patrick’s. So the governing body ruled that his suspension had not been served.

Yesterday, Legia released an open letter addressed to Celtic on its official website requesting a meeting, which would decide who should advance to the Champions League play-off round.

But the Scottish champions have responded today and have declined Legia’s request for a winner-takes-all match.

In the open letter to Celtic officials, the Polish club’s co-owner Dariusz Mioduski said: “Celtic FC is a legend in European football – the club with an incredible tradition, which since 1888 co-creates the story of the most beautiful game in the world.”

“At the basis of this legend are not only amazing sporting achievements, but also the determination and commitment to values such as honesty and honor.”

“Celtic FC wrote one of the most beautiful pages in the history of European football, when in 1967 they unexpectedly defeated in the final of the Champions Cup mighty Inter Milan headed by Helenio Herrera.”

“Imagine that Jock Stein and Billy McNeill were deprived of the greatest triumph in their athletic career by completing the application form wrong.”

“Do not destroy the beautiful clubhouse heritage that you have left in the care of previous generations, ‘The Bhoys’. I challenge you, would you in the spirit of the game and fair play, and on the basis of Art. 34 paragraph 5 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations of Legia Warsaw took a common position on the UEFA disciplinary bodies. Meet in Warsaw or in Glasgow and let’s settle this matter honorably.”

Celtic have since replied to Legia’s request in a brief statement: “We are disappointed by Legia Warsaw’s comments. This is entirely a matter for UEFA and its processes. Accordingly, we will reserve further comment for the appropriate time.”

Celtic are scheduled to face Maribor of Slovenia in the play-off round later this month to see who will advance to the lucrative group phase of the Champions League.

4 thoughts on “Legia Warsaw Suggest Meeting With Celtic; Scottish Champs Decline”

  1. Things in life and football always come full circle and Celtic will be punished and humiliated for this…if they get past Maribor (a big if), we are looking into a 7:1, 8:1, 9:1 defeat against one of the better clubs in Europe and this will be just the beginning.

    I despise Celtic because of this fraud.

    And don’t tell me it’s the rules and it’s not their fault.

    Go do your homework, Debrecen-Lovech game from 2000, I believe; identical situation, the Hungarians got fined $15,000 but went through because the suspended player who came on as a sub ‘did not influence the outcome of the game’ (because the 2 minutes the Legia guy played made all the difference in the world as they publicly humiliated Celtic by an aggregate of 7:1 or something like that). Lovech ain’t Celtic though. Glorious history, the name sounds pretty, rabid following and all that.

    That’s ok, things will come full circle!

    Platini is on his way of being a great successor to the criminal Blatter and is pushing all the right buttons.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, the Scottish league is a garbage one-team Mickey Mouse league, and I would put money on any NASL/USL team to beat misunderstandings like Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, Hearts and other such jokesters…

    Just when you think no one can top the criminals at the FIFA cartel…

    1. I do wonder how much the church paid UEFA.

      Warsaw’s statement is pretty awful though.

      I do think any MLS team could beat anybody in Scotland outside of Celtic.

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