NBCSN to Debut Weekly Men In Blazers TV Show Starting Late August

NBCSN will debut a weekly TV show from the Men In Blazers every Monday night beginning in late August, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The English duo of Michael Davies and Roger Bennett will be moving from ESPN to NBC after their successful World Cup show won over a large number of mainstream soccer fans.

The weekly TV show, which doesn’t have a name yet, will be focused on the Premier League.

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“All of our focus, all of our commitment, all of our attention is focused solely on our relationship with the Premier League,” said Jon Miller, the president of programming for NBC and NBCSN. The Men in Blazers “are not going to stop talking about Major League Soccer, but the focus of their relationship with us will be the Premier League.”

In May, World Soccer Talk suggested 7 ways that NBC Sports could improve its Premier League coverage for the 2014-15 season. One of the suggestions was a weekly call-in show, which could end up being the form of the Men In Blazers show.

Whether or not this will be a smart move by NBC, we’ll have to wait and see how the show is. But given the popularity of the duo, it’s another win-win for NBCSN and Premier League coverage in the States.

26 thoughts on “NBCSN to Debut Weekly Men In Blazers TV Show Starting Late August”

    1. Wait–they said anything where they werent kidding? Thats a change from the few times ive tried to give them a listen.

    2. I can absolutely tell you they were NOT kidding, check out their interview of Gus Johnson.. And these two fawning all over him was the only funny thing about the interview. That podcast is still out there.


  1. Ughh, please no, these guys are about as funny as a toothache. One in glasses looks like a Glazer son, show should be called son of Glazers instead.

    This will not be working class terrace humour America like they set out to be.

    Blazers sums them up, public school new era of the Premier supporters.

  2. Well done to NBCSN. The Men In Blazers are clever and well versed in football; both sport and culture.

    As FOX continues to sink into sound effect and irrelevant pundit/presenter hell, NBCSN shows commitment to the sport and it’s supporters.

    1. I’ve predicted this before and i’ll say it again: If the USMNT didnt make it to the semis of the World Cup 2014, NBC will lose the EPL rights to ESPN/FOX in 2016.

    1. Think the WSJ article mentions the duo will be contributing across NBC Sports’ TV, online & radio platforms aside from the NBCSN show

  3. i used to like them before they went “mainstream”, if they’re going to do anything worth watching/listening to, its to use them less as pundits and more as hosts. I hope they copyrighted the name “Men In Blazers” because if ESPN owns it, you can call this new show cancelled before it even starts. Ask Michelle Beadle and “The Crossover”.

  4. Good for these guys. They successfully did what a lot of folks try to do: Turn their hobby into a job by diligence and hard work.

    Davies is a TV producer who does reality programming and game shows and what-not. Like The Talking Dead studio show after The Walking Dead program. Bennett is just one of the many, many talented writers trying to find a voice on the internet.

    They’re not necessarily more insightful, funnier or more knowledgeable, but they took what they had and worked hard and got to the position where they got paid to do a show on Sirius/XM and ESPN……and then didn’t stop there, they got to the point where they were able to leave their ESPN gig for better offer at NBC.

    Bravo for them. Most of us could use them as an example. :)

  5. I was afraid these two weasels would somehow manage to insert themselves onto NBC and unfortunately they have.

    For the life of me I can’t understand the appeal. Is it the accents?

    Hopefully NBC is still keeping its eye on the ball and this is not a sign they are heading down a Fox like path.

  6. I think they are really funny. Assuming NBC Sports network isn’t replacing another soccer show with them, I’m all for it. The more coverage, the better.

  7. I love listening to these guys. Yes, it’s a comedy show and not about tactics or in-depth match analysis. Like all comedy, it’s subjective. Some people will enjoy it, others won’t, but there’s definitely a niche market out there for this kind of sports entertainment show.

    Happy to see all their hard work paying off and I’ll certainly be adding it to my DVR recording list.

  8. While I am a fan of their podcasts and EPSN show all they are essentially doing is selling old British shows to American audiences. Michael Davies is the guy who sold the British show Wife Swap to American TV companies. If I am honest Men In Blazers is a complete rip off of 1990s show Fantasy Football. Where a Jewish English soccer fan and other fans talk about the current news while finding a humorous angle, with high culture and low references to entertain. That show helped the Premier League gain mass appeal in the UK with people who wouldn’t normally be soccer fans. It seems Davies has essentially taken the old idea and is trying to repeat this success in the US as soccer becomes more mainstream.

    The UK got flooded with soccer shows that tried be funny due to the success of Fantasy football like Soccer Am, League of their Own, Match of the Day 2 and a Question of sport. But in the USA there has never been type of show for soccer so they are just selling old rope for cash.

  9. Some additional details regarding the show based on a teleconference they did this week, which I was on:

    • The show will be 30 minutes, and will be a wrap-up show that will feature highlights of weekend matches

    • With commercials and wrap-up highlights included, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of time to do much

    • They’re undecided whether to include a call-in/phone-in feature

    • They’re not sure yet whether the show will be live or pre-recorded

    • The show will launch in 2-3 weeks, but they’re still not sure exactly what the show will be like, and they’re asking their listeners for input.

  10. I think these guys capture the fun side of being a football fan really well. Not all of being a fan is talking tactics and transfers. Anyone who has followed football for a long time knows that being a football fan also means a day out with your mates and enjoying a good bit of banter whether it’s football related or not. NBC already has the Match of the Day shows as well as airing shows like Premier League News and Premier League Review. This will serve as a welcome balance and I can’t think of two more delightful gents to host. Well done, NBC!

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