Louis Van Gaal Wields The Axe On Five Manchester United Players, Says Report

Prior to the final of the International Champions Cup last week, Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal informed the media that he would decide the futures of certain United players after the conclusion of the club’s US tour.

“I shall make judgments after this tour,” Van Gaal said. “I let all the players play and I know now more than before the tour.”

“Now also it is a little bit soon to judge, but in football you have to judge and you have to give a chance to the player to make a transfer when I see that his prospects to play are not so high.

“You have to say it in advance because it’s too late after Aug 31 and I will tell payers after the tour, but to them, not to you.”

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Van Gaal met face-to-face with individual United players on Saturday between 2pm and 4pm to let them know where they stood in the Dutch boss’ plans.

In all, five players were told they needed to instruct their representatives to start the process of finding them new clubs before the transfer window shuts in three weeks.

The Daily Mail reported that those five players were: Rafael da Silva, Marouane Fellaini, Nani, Anderson and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.

For most United fans who have watched every match of the preseason tour, the names mentioned in the report will not come as a complete surprise.

Fellaini and Anderson didn’t travel with the squad, but have been rumored to be on their way out of Old Trafford all summer.

Rafael participated in United’s first match of the tour against the LA Galaxy. But he was quickly substituted and subsequently sent back to Manchester following a groin injury he obtained in the match.

With Van Gaal opting to use a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation and utilizing wing-backs on either side of the pitch, the Brazilian right-back appeared to be a candidate for a role in the Dutchman’s first team. But in Rafael’s absence Antonio Valencia flourished as the right wing-back, Ashley Young showed he could be utilized on either side of the pitch; and United youngsters Reece James and Tyler Blackett showed no signs of being out of their depths against top European opponents.

So it appears that Rafael would have fallen down the pecking order under Van Gaal.

Nani…well he was just Nani.

The winger has been a steady source of frustration for United fans over the past few years. The Portugal international has shown brief moments of genius, only to follow those performances with weeks of lackluster play. And he continued that trend during his brief cameos in the US.

Some fans will be surprised and/or disappointed to hear that Chicharito has been told he has no place in United’s squad.

The energetic striker endeared himself to United fans from the moment he took the pitch during the club’s preseason tour in 2010. His goal scoring during his inaugural season at Old Trafford either kept United in matches or helped the club seal last minute victories. The personable Mexican star has been a great ambassador for the club off the pitch as well. It would be hard to find a United supporter who doesn’t appreciate how Hernandez conducted himself on and off the pitch at Old Trafford.

But the Mexico international’s scoring has cooled off since he first burst on the European scene. Although he remained a fan-favorite and provided his customary late-goal in a handful of matches last season, it is apparent that Hernandez doesn’t fit into the style that Van Gaal will be using this season.

Even after the Mexican striker scored against Real Madrid during United’s final group match of the ICC, Van Gaal was critical of Chicharito’s overall performance.

“He scored a wonderful goal, prepared by Shinji Kagawa and also Darren Fletcher,” Van Gaal said following the match.

“But after that he had to give the ball to Tom Cleverley, a backpass, and he gave it to Kagawa.

“I think he wanted to thank Kagawa for the nice pass for the goal, but at that time he needed to think about the team – it was better to play the backpass and Cleverley was inside near the goal.”

It was evident that Van Gaal wanted more from a player with the league and international experience that Chicharito has. And by the news coming from England today, Hernandez has been told his services are no longer required at the Theatre of Dreams.

Again, this was a report furnished by the Daily Mail. There is every chance that there are some “inaccuracies” in it.

But for those who are fans of Manchester United and have been paying close attention to the goings on around the club this summer, what was stated in the report should come as no surprise.

Louis van Gaal will be giving his pre-match press conference tomorrow prior to United’s friendly against Valencia on Tuesday. Perhaps the Dutch boss will elaborate or clarify this team news.

12 thoughts on “Louis Van Gaal Wields The Axe On Five Manchester United Players, Says Report”

  1. So Kagawa sticks that would be the only surprise. MUFC biggest problem is their back three Evans and Jones make rash decisions and Smalling is timid.

    1. He’s going to need to bring in a solid defender to shore up the defence. Those three aren’t putting any fear in strikers. Hernandez needs a fresh start and Fellaini was a bad buy from the get-go. Rafael needs to stay and back up Young (or vice versa.) Neither one can last a season without injuries…and why the hell isn’t Cleverly on that list?

    2. Obviously not a fan of the team but i love me some Kagawa. Glad to see he wont be leaving the prem.

      Cleverly staying slightly brightens an otherwise miserable day for the blue contingent of Manchester.

    3. Kagawa is an intelligent player and LVG knows his value. He will try to convert Kagawa to be a normal midfielder instead of No. 10 and I think Kagawa is willing to do it. No different from Valencia and Young: if the player wants to work hard and has the ability to evolve, he can get into LVG’s team

  2. Nothing on this list really bothers me as a United fan. I LIKE Chicarito and Rafael as players and enjoy cheering for them, but Rafael gets hurt way too frequently to be a dependable option. And Chicarito is just limited. He’s a nice end-of-game sub when he’s playing against tired defenders, but if someone will pay $5-10MM that’s a lot of value to be tied up in a situational striker behind Rooney, RVP and Welbeck when United have a couple of academy kids who are much cheaper.

    Good riddance to Fellaini and Nani. I guess I’ll miss Anderson a little bit. He was never a good enough player, but he seemed like a fun guy to have on the team.

    1. Agree that Chicarito is limited. His game has not evolved since he started. He was just a poacher. You close him down and he becomes useless. He’s a nice lad but unfortunately his progress is not sufficient

    2. Chicharito is expendable because you have James Wilson and Jesse Lingard chomping on the bit. Also James and Jesse are English, so there salary doesn’t hit FFP as much as an international. Chicha won’t be too sad, he’s won 2 titles and has been wanting more paying time, plus Southampton has been calling.

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