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New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

bpl announce blog 656x369 600x337 New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

EA Sports has been producing the best interactive soccer game for years now. FIFA, the game — not the soccer governing body, is a massive hit with soccer fans and gamers around the world, allowing you to interact with people around the globe for a game of soccer on your favorite console.

EA Sports has announced the following new features and enhancements for FIFA 15:

(Mobile app users, watch the video here).

Premier League Stadiums:

fifa 15 anfield liverpool 2 600x249 New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

FIFA 14 had various Premier League stadiums but not all of them. This year, FIFA 15 will be able to have all 20 Premier League stadiums in the game meaning the likes of Loftus Road (Queens Park Rangers), Liberty Stadium (Swansea), the Stadium of Light (Sunderland) and many others previously missing will finally be available.

Player Faces and Head Scans:

fifa15 headscan aguero 2 600x387 New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

In the past, FIFA has produced many realistic, incredible graphics of players faces but some were not as good. With the technology available to them now, they are able to scan the player faces and produce them in graphic form and also in 3D. Over 200 faces from the 2013/14 Premier League season will be scanned as well as the recently promoted teams. They use the latest 3D scanning to capture a player’s likeness and make them the most realistic they can possibly be.

Broadcasting, Audio and Commentary:

fifa 15 pre match graphic 2 600x337 New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

Broadcast graphics will be recognizable from international broadcasting companies that broadcast Premier League soccer. FIFA has traveled to the stadiums and captured different chants from all 20 Premier League teams. FIFA 15 will also feature realistic chants and reactions to goals, misses and general ongoings on the field.

Goal Line Technology:

fifa 15 goal line tech 600x335 New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

For the first time in FIFA, a goal line technology system will be introduced into the game. Just like real soccer, the system will be used in the game. Replays will be shown if it is a goal or not, which will prevent all the ‘pausing’ and ‘instant replaying’ when chances are disputed between players. Replay animations will mirror those of the broadcasting of real life matches. They will be used after close chances and goal line clearances just like in real soccer.

With all these aspects and features being added, FIFA 15 has been made more realistic allowing for a more fun and interactive game of FIFA.

Pre-order your copy of FIFA 15 today.

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4 Responses to New Features in FIFA 15 Enhance Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

  1. goisles01 says:


  2. neilo says:

    hope the game can be at least half as good as the classics ea made back in the day.

  3. CTBlues says:

    So glad it is coming out on PC with the new engine. Hopefully they fixed the manager mode some more.

  4. christian says:

    I thought the transfer engine last year was awful and a real step backwards for the franchise. It looks as if they are continuing to improve the graphics and gameplay though. I’m hopeful they go back to the old transfer model or figure something else out.

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