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Frank Lampard Takes His First Day Of Training At Manchester City [PHOTO]

Lampard1 Frank Lampard Takes His First Day Of Training At Manchester City [PHOTO]

Manchester City have confirmed the arrival of Frank Lampard today. The former Chelsea midfielder has signed a full-time contract with New York City FC, but will be available for Manuel Pellegrini’s side on loan for the next six months.

Chelsea’s all time top scorer reached an agreement with the Premier League club where he will train and play, before joining up the his MLS club before its inaugural season starts in March 2015.

New York City FC are partially-owned by Manchester City.

Lampard’s loan move has raised some eyebrows around the league, with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger suggesting that City may be using the loan deal as a way to bypass UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

“Is it a way to get around the fair play? I don’t know,” said Wenger.

“It looks like all of these ‘City’ clubs will feed the main club Manchester City – I heard they want to buy five clubs all over the world.

“I don’t know the rules well enough, but they bought a franchise for £59.4m to play in the States next season.”

Regardless Wenger’s thoughts on the move, Lampard himself has expressed his excitement in starting this new chapter of his footballing career.

“Joining up with Manchester City is a fantastic opportunity for me to continue to train and play at the top level and make sure I am in top condition for New York City,” said Lampard. “It has been an amazing few days for me since the unveiling in Brooklyn and everyone connected with both clubs has been fantastic to me. This is a new chapter of my career and I’m really excited about the experience.”

And now for the sight some Chelsea fans will have a hard time seeing.

Here’s Lampard taking in his first training session as a Manchester City player.

Lampard Frank Lampard Takes His First Day Of Training At Manchester City [PHOTO]

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2 Responses to Frank Lampard Takes His First Day Of Training At Manchester City [PHOTO]

  1. CTBlues says:

    The difference with the Chelsea fans is that they will not like seeing that but they will still love Super Frank and you wont see people burning their Lampard jerseys. Frank is and will always be a legend.

  2. NeilO says:

    Just weird.

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