International Champions Cup to Expand to Asia In 2015

With the success of the International Champions Cup soccer tournament, the event organizers have announced that the competition will be expanding to Asia in the summer of 2015.

“The 2014 Guinness International Champions Cup featured the largest soccer crowd ever in the United States, continually put world-class soccer on display across North America, and Monday night in Miami was no exception,” said Charlie Stillitano, CEO of Relevent Sports. “Manchester United and Liverpool have a tremendous rivalry and proved once again, this tournament is much more than a collection of friendlies and we look forward to continuing these traditions in the United States and Asia.”

According to a spokesperson for Relevent Sports, the 2015 International Champions Cup will expand the scope of the competition to play games throughout the United States, Asia and possibly other continents.

Relevent has signed an agreement with TLA Worldwide, who subsequently have partnered with Nine Live to organize games in Asia.

“With this agreement TLA has made a significant move to diversify its activities into the world’s most popular sport,” said TLA Worldwide Chair Bart Campbell. “TLA will play a central role in bringing some of the world’s most widely followed clubs and iconic brands to one of the most dynamic regions of Asia.”

From 2013 to 2014, the International Champions Cup has featured world-class teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Inter Milan, AS Roma and several other teams.

The advantage of expanding International Champions Cup to Asia is that no matter whether the biggest clubs in the world tour the United States or Asia every summer, the event organizers will be able to invite the teams to participate in the annual competition.

10 thoughts on “International Champions Cup to Expand to Asia In 2015”

  1. That’s a terrible idea. Part of what made it special was the fact that it was all played here and that the final would always be in Miami. So now what? Are we going to have a team play three games in Japan and then fly all the way around the world for one game in Miami? Stupid.

    1. No details have been announced yet regarding how the competition will be expanded, so it’s probably best to wait and see how they decide it’ll be organized.

  2. 2 years in, a decent tour, a decent final. After last night i doubt Miami should host it again however. the lack of attendance for the England friendlies pre world cup was a pretty good indication that the final would not sell out. This after 109K in Michigan? i think the location and the timing of the final for ICC needs a good rethink. with that said, I think it pretty obvious that relevent sports know United will go to Asia next year( they have not done back to back US tours. so it appears they want to entice the finalists to still compete where ever they end up at.
    Its a US preseason tourney and as i have witnessed a pretty good one to support. I only suggest relevent reel in this idea and keep things simple and in the USA.

    1. Details are sketchy at the moment, but The Daily Telegraph newspaper is reporting that United has been invited to return to the States next summer to play games in New York, Chicago and Dallas, presumably as part of the 2016 International Champions Cup.

        1. Question here Chris. A team like Man U can have its own tour and and sell out stadiums. I have seen ManU twice in Chicago play to almost packed stadiums. Is the money from the ICC that good that the bigger teams can forgo their own tours?

          1. That’s a really good question, Lou. The advantages of playing games on an ICC tour as opposed to a club doing its own tour would be (1) opportunity to generate revenue from appearance fees, (2) ability to generate money from additional sponsorship opportunities (above and beyond what the club already has) and (3) allowing the ICC to handle a lot of the logistics, thus saving a lot of time and resources for the club.

  3. Chris, would you think that having 2 separate tournaments (one in Asia and one in the US) be a good idea?

    I think the clubs will be more open to participate if they won’t have to travel crazy distances (going to Asia/US itself has already been crazy).

    1. It could end up being a totally different tournament format where there are several teams competing in Asia as a mini-league in the summer (Liverpool, Real Madrid, and a few other teams), and then several teams playing in the United States (Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, etc). You could have two mini-leagues running, and then the winners of both of those mini-leagues meet in a final in a central location between Asia and the USA — Doha, for example.

      There’s lots of possibilities to structure the 2015 ICC in such a way where teams don’t have to travel back and forth from Asia to the USA and vice-versa.

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