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WATCH Martin Garrix Music Video For ‘Animals’; DJ to Perform At ICC Final [VIDEO]

martin garrix 600x399 WATCH Martin Garrix Music Video For Animals; DJ to Perform At ICC Final [VIDEO]

Martin Garrix will perform during halftime of tonight’s final of the 2014 International Champions Cup between Manchester United and Liverpool in Miami. The game, which kicks off at 8pm ET, will be played at Sun Life Stadium.

The Guinness International Champions Cup Finals will feature DJ Martin Garrix as the halftime entertainment. Garrix’s song “Animals” has been a mainstay on 2014 charts as one of the biggest EDM tracks. The halftime entertainment also will feature a laser light show, fireworks and spectacular LED video mapping.

The 18-year old Dutch DJ scored a Top 10 hit with “Animals” in more than 10 countries around the world. The song went to number one in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium. Plus the song has been burning up the radio across the United States for the past year.

Watch the music video here:

Mobile app users, watch the video here.

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5 Responses to WATCH Martin Garrix Music Video For ‘Animals’; DJ to Perform At ICC Final [VIDEO]

  1. Clampdown says:

    Brah, I got my molly and glowsticks all ready. Let’s get the party started.

  2. Brad says:

    and people complain about Pitbull.

  3. goatslookshifty says:

    WST, the home of Football and your favourite EDM artists!

  4. Flyvanescence says:

    DJ to perform? You mean push play?
    Whatever happened to the art of playing musical instruments?
    No drum machine can sound like Mike Portnoy. No computer program can create something like The Edge, Clarence Clemons, Jon and Criss Oliva, Gary Moore etc etc etc. Theres just no soul in it. Wacken 2014 just went down with some amazing performances broadcast around the world, and one of the best acts in the history of metal just announced they are reuniting for Wacken 2015. Great music is still out there; but the mainstream powers that be would rather feed us this computer generated or recycled radio formula crap.

    Sorry; rant of a music fan.

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