Manchester United and Liverpool to Play In Miami in International Champions Cup Final

On Monday night, England’s two most successful clubs descend on Miami for the final of the Guinness International Champions Cup as Manchester United battle against Liverpool to determine who will be the 2014 tournament winners.

Before the International Champions Cup kicked off this summer, there were so many interesting concoctions of who could make the final. Would 2013 ICC champions Real Madrid play Premier League champions Manchester City? Would we see a Manchester derby at Sun Life Stadium? Or was an all Serie A final in store?

As it turns out, the final pits together the two most iconic English clubs. It’ll be the first time that either team has ever played in Florida. More than 50,000 fans are expected for a clash of giants between the 5-time Champions League winners Liverpool (and 18 league titles) versus Manchester United, with 20 league titles and 3 Champions League trophies under its belt.

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With the final two teams only being decided on Saturday night after the completion of Group A and B matches, limited tickets are still available for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Manchester United play Liverpool in Miami.

Plus the Guinness International Champions Cup Finals will feature DJ Martin Garrix as the halftime entertainment. Garrix’s song “Animals” has been a mainstay on 2014 charts as one of the biggest EDM tracks. The halftime entertainment also will feature a laser light show, fireworks and LED video mapping.

Both United and Liverpool have been fielding strong lineups, so Monday night’s game (8pm ET) could see several major stars play such as Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Juan Mata, Daniel Sturridge, Ander Herrera, Raheem Sterling, Javier Hernandez, Lucas Leiva and many more.

Let us know if you’re going to the game (World Soccer Talk will be there)! And if you’ll be supporting the Reds or Red Devils.

9 thoughts on “Manchester United and Liverpool to Play In Miami in International Champions Cup Final”

  1. This is bound to be a very unfriendly friendly. Let’s hope the referee is strong as there’s bound to be some heavy tackles. I can see a number of cards being issued in this one.

    United have looked very good in preseason while Liverpool have got better with each game. On present form United should win this one and they have the better forwards at the moment. Loss of Strurridge will be the difference as Rooney, Wellbeck and Chicarito are better than Lambert and Peterson.

    1. You lost me at Wellbeck…what a garbage player he is, I wouldn’t let him play in my 7-a-side intramural team. He has the first touch of a horticulturalist and can’t score in a brothel.

      And to think SAF got rid of Berbatov in order to get a chance of this mistake of nature.

      1. I’m not Danny’s biggest fan but your entire comment is just wrong.
        Berbatov was even worse than Welbeck. He only scored against the bottom half of the table especially the bottom 5.
        Berbatov never left because Welbeck got more game time than he did but becausehe was lackadaisical and didn’t produce against good teams in the biggest games.
        Chicharito was the one that pushed Berbatov out of the squad.
        Welbeck is a useful squad player and doesn’t have an ego at all.

      2. Both Rooney and Welbeck are better than Lambert. Welbeck is by no means garbage. He has limited talents but he puts in a good shift and plays for the team.

  2. am a great fan of Liverpool and I belive this match will give Van Gal a great taste of wat it will be for him when it gets 2da premier league.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you, but not as you intended…

      I’m looking forward to seeing MUFC beat Liverpool in this game as they intend to beat them during the regular season. I’m all for Van Gaal getting a taste of victory now and in the future with ManU.

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