New European Fantasy Soccer League Opens Today

Ever wanted to play a fantasy soccer game which allows you to select your players from multiple European leagues? Choosing from one league can often lead to similar sides and boring results, or perhaps you’re a fan of not just EPL but also one of the other major European sides. Maybe you don’t watch much EPL or you enjoy watching La Liga as much as EPL, meaning your expertise lies in multiple leagues. Euro Fantasy League is the free solution to all these issues, bringing you a new format of fantasy soccer.

Choose your favorite players from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 to make your all star European squad in this new and exciting challenge to fantasy soccer. Knowledge of all five major leagues is key to success in this game, which also brings a new format to fantasy soccer.

You can play a more traditional format, that is, a league where you build a squad of 14 players on a budget of 100m and pick your starting lineup ahead of weekly matches to maximize your points. Within this, you can create mini leagues to play against your friends or online communities and battle out in a straight contest for the highest points. All of your players can be from one league, but you may only have a maximum of 3 players from one club.

In the latest and perhaps more challenging format, you can play what is referred to as the Draft Game. Playing with your friends in the draft league format, you all have to have a completely unique side, with no players duplicated in your league. The process for picking these players is that the first players to join the league get their first pick for players, and then on the second round of picks the order of choosing is reversed. So once Lionel Messi has been picked by the first person who wants him, the option to sign him to your fantasy roster has gone. In this format you don’t have to worry about a budget or team restrictions, but the skill comes in strategically placing your picks at the right time and place in the order. Why pick a popular winger like Jesus Navas when Juan Cuadrado could do a similar job and be less popular and more likely to be a late pick. This is where having a huge player base across five leagues comes in handy, and where out witting your opponents becomes half of the game.

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