Frank Lampard To Sign For Manchester City On Six-Month Loan, Say Reports

Separate reports from England have suggested that former-Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is on the verge of making a sensational return to the Premier League with Manchester City.

The 36-year-old was in the United States early this week to promote his new MLS club, New York City FC.

It was understood that Lampard would play in the Australian A-League alongside fellow NYCFC teammate David Villa next season, since the New York club will not start competing until March 2015. The Chelsea legend had also insisted he did not want to play for another Premier League club following his departure from Stamford Bridge because he didn’t want to damage his relationship with Chelsea supporters.

But reports from England are saying that Manuel Pellegrini has convinced the player to do a spectacular u-turn and enjoy an “Indian summer” in Manchester.

One report suggests that Lampard would be allowed to sit out the September 21 clash between Chelsea and Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

Aside from his concerns regarding his legacy and relationship with Chelsea fans, Lampard reportedly wants assurances that he would not be made a “bit-part player” if he agrees to the loan deal with City.

Regardless of his playing time, it’s safe to assumed that Lampard would benefit from working with Manchester City players and coaches for six months at their state-of-the-art facilities, while he prepares for the start of NYCFC’s inaugural season in the MLS.

Any news on Lampard’s decision will be made in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “Frank Lampard To Sign For Manchester City On Six-Month Loan, Say Reports”

  1. He’s delusional if he expects to be more than a bit player at Man City. Has he seen their squad? The reason Chelsea didn’t resign him is because he had little more to offer on the football pitch. I doubt he’ll displace any of City’s midfielders.

  2. I think he’s joining mainly to train with the City squad and it helps that he will make up the domestic quota for the Champions League. He’ll be used mostly as a substitute if he features at all in the league. Will be interesting to see if he plays on September 21 when City play Chelsea.

  3. Not really liking this though it would have been better for him to go play and get some chemistry with Villa in Melbourne.

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