Football Crazy, Ladies Skirts Mad?! Football’s Alternative Hobbies

Nothing quite counters the pressures of work than a game of football. Whether that be a game after leaving the office with friends, or a trip to a match on a Saturday afternoon, it provides the perfect release. But what happens when football is your livelihood?

Well you might be quite surprised.

The world’s elite spend their downtime in all sorts of ways. For many it’s hitting the golf course, for others horse racing is a big pastime. But for these guys – well they’re slightly different.


The golden boy of Brazilian football lit up the summer with some of his performances before suffering a serious back injury against Colombia. So what did he do? He switched his attentions to playing poker. The Barcelona forward posted an Instagram image of himself on the felt in July, and joins a host of card-loving footballers including Teddy Sheringham, teammate Gerard Pique, and fellow countryman Ronaldo.

Andrey Arshavin

His straight lines down the Arsenal wing were a joy to behold – and so are his hemlines, as it turns out. The 33-year-old spends his time away from training designing clothes, which are very popular with Russian ladies.

Arshavin has his own line which ranges from dresses to sportswear, although don’t expect him to be sewing any sequins onto his Zenit kit anytime soon.

Theo Walcott

We think the striker-turned-children’s writer should title his next publication T.J. and the Chilean Sensation Who Stole His Place, but we’re not quite sure. He certainly may have a little more spare time on his hands next season anyway.

Walcott began writing his books in 2010 and has since released four issues with Random House Publications including T.J. and the Hat-Trick, T.J. and the Penalty, and T.J. and the Winning Goal.

Gabriel Obertan

Whilst at Manchester United, a young and injured Gabriel Obertan found himself growing into a keen gardener. According to the club’s Academy director Brian McClair, he developed the interest after suffering a back injury, while helping out an elderly member of the Academy staff by cutting the lawn, pruning roses, and watering hanging baskets.

With all the time he’s getting off at Newcastle nowadays, we reckon he’s probably ready to enter a plot at Chelsea.

John Terry

We all know there’s nothing JT loves more than casting his rod and seeing if he gets a bite – he’s also a keen fisherman.

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