Carlos Tevez’s Father Kidnapped, Held For Ransom And Released

The father of Juventus striker Carlos Tevez was kidknapped, held for ransom and released after eight hours.

Italian media were reporting that Tevez immediately left club training in order to return to his home country. But that news has since changed as the kidnappers’ demand for ransom has been met by the Tevez family.

The Argentine daily La Nacion reported that Segundo Tevez (Tevez’s father) had his car intercepted on the outskirts of Buenos Aires on Tuesday morning.

The criminals made two phone calls to the family demanding a ransom. Speculation is the kidnappers demanded a lower amount during the initial contact, but followed that conversation up by insisting on a larger ransom.

Some reports believe that the criminals weren’t aware of who they kidnapped at first, but once they learned of Segundo’s relationship to Tevez, they changed their ransom demands.

There are conflicting reports as to the amount of money paid to free Tevez’s father. Some outlets are speculating an amount close to £1 million.

Gustavo Galazzo, a legal advisor for the family, has spoken to the press and said that Tevez father is safe and in good condition.



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