Liverpool Won’t Suffer the Same Fate As Tottenham After Summer Spending Spree

It’s a throwback to Tottenham’s preseason last July, and if it weren’t still so raw, it would be almost comical. With the departure of Luis Suarez, Liverpool is scrambling to repair the delicate threads of their lineup, which was so crudely torn apart by the Catalan Club. While Reds fans wonder what to do with their Suarez kits, Brendan Rodgers is wondering if and how he can muster the Kop for another push at the title but with their talisman no longer heading their attack, will Liverpool be able to sustain their dazzling form of last season?

When Barcelona came knocking, it seemed Luis Suarez already had his bags packed and was ready to go. Liverpool also seemed resigned to losing their star striker, as they began scouting for replacements almost immediately. However the question remains if Brendan Rodgers will be ready when August 16 arrives at Anfield.

Drawing parallels with Tottenham’s summer transfers from last July not only makes for interesting journalism, it might actually provide a clue as to whether Liverpool will suffer the same fate.

After Real Madrid snatched up Welsh superstar Gareth Bale, Tottenham were left with a gaping hole in their attack but with a pocketful of cash to try and fill it. Their bounty —over £100m — translated into bringing Erik Lamela, Christian Eriksen, Roberto Soldado, Paulinho, Vlad Chiriches, Nacer Chadli and Etienne Capoue to White Hart Lane. There was excitement and expectation among the Londoners that the new recruits would spur them to a top four finish, and a return to Europe’s elite competition.

A year later and two managers gone, the Tottenham experiment didn’t pay off so well. So with the Suarez spiel looming, there is a concern about what life will be like for Liverpool without Luis Suarez.

And there is plenty reason for concern.

In the 38-game season of the Premier League, only Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo have equalled the scoring feats of Suarez but the Uruguayan’s 31 goals came after missing the first six games, showing why he was at the heart of Liverpool’s title run while it lasted. He collected the FPA and LMA Player of the Year award, and his hat trick against Norwich made him the first ever player to score three hat-tricks against the same club.

There is no doubting Suarez’s superstar status. His presence on the team sheet alone strikes fear into any opposition defense, and his movement on and off the ball gives him attacking opportunities few other strikers can imitate.

But although there is no denying the sentiment, the stats seem to say another story — a story that will comfort Liverpool fans.

When Suarez is on the sidelines, Liverpool have a 64% win ratio, compared to 50% with him in the team. With Suarez missing from the beginning of their last campaign, Liverpool got off to a strong start, winning six and drawing two of their first ten games, showing that they can adjust to life without Suarez.

Another factor worth considering is that Liverpool are no longer a “one-man team” and, unlike Tottenham, have recruited heavily but cleverly.

Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert will be better off for their World Cup experience, and are coming off solid seasons at Southampton. Emre Can, if he can return strong from injury, appears to be an inspired signing while Lazar Markovic could rival Raheem Sterling for the fastest man at Anfield. Add to that the possibility of signing Divock Origi, and you can see why Brendan Rodgers has showed his astuteness in the transfer window.

Finally, last season, Daniel Sturridge gave the Kop a glimpse of his talent and class even with his partner in crime absent from the pitch. In the first five games of the 2013/2014 season, Sturridge scored 4 goals, showing he has the wares to carry the Liverpool attack.

So what will it be? Another title challenge for Liverpool, or a slippery slope without their Uruguayan superstar? Let us know your thoughts below.

20 thoughts on “Liverpool Won’t Suffer the Same Fate As Tottenham After Summer Spending Spree”

    1. So frustrating, as Liverpool are spunking 90 million pounds on a bunch of mediocre dross.

      Could take a page out of Chelsea’s transfer book — they’re buying half of the Spanish Champions’ team — we’re buying half of 8th Place. FFS!!

      1. Liverpool need to build depth quickly. Chelsea can afford to take chances on all their new players not having played in England before because they already have a ton of quality depth. LFC have decided to focus partly on guys who have proven themselves in the Premiership. I can’t fault management for that.

  1. Liverpool are pulling the typical John Henry / FSG sleaze by claiming something wrong on the Remy physical. The Red Sox pull this crap all the time.

  2. Offense doesn’t bother me nearly as much as defense. Their signings need to make up for a porous defense that pretty much cost Liverpool the title.

  3. The names look good, just like Spurs did last year. We’ll see once the season starts, but don’t be surprised to see a 6th place finish.

  4. Being a Spurs supporter for 44 years, you could say I’ve seen many if not most things in football and experienced numerous heartbreaks along the way (like millions of other fans of the game).
    I personally do not believe that Liverpool will make the same mistakes this year as Spurs did last year – for three very good reasons, they are :
    1) Liverpool are buying players with proven Premier League experience (Spurs bought in 7 players all untried and new to the PL).
    2) Liverpool have owners who are backing the manager and are giving him the choices as to which players he brings in (Last season Spurs Director of Football went out and panic bought with the Bale money players who he wanted and AVB was hardly consulted on his views about them).
    3) Liverpool are not constantly sacking their managers season after season (or even part way through a season like Spurs seem to do lately) – Harry Redknapp being the exception, I believe if he had’nt taken his eye off the ball and thought that the England job was his, then he would still have been at the Lane and he would have made better signings with the Bale money, and maybe we could have finally finished above Arsenal and become regular Champions League participants.

    1. Spurs still finished only three points fewer and one place lower in the standings last season. If that’s Liverpool’s fate this season I’ll take it.

  5. Nobody’s going to be scared of the players Liverpool have brought in. Seems like it’s only Liverpool fans who think theses Southampton players are a upgrade. I’d go as far as to say they have gone for quantity over quality just like spurs did. Lets not forget Rodgers record in the transfer market so far has been terrible. They made the same mistake as utd did when we sold Ronaldo and replace him with 2-3 average players.

  6. Tack on Champions League football, a tired Steven Gerrard and the absence of Suarez, Liverpool might struggle.
    Luis was terrifying defenders with his determination, skill and movement last season. His synergy with Sturridge will be greatly missed.

  7. Second season syndrome coming. Should have replaced Suarez with Cavani but instead blew the money on upgrades they didn’t need. Rodgers may be a good coach but he is clueless in the transfer market. His scattergun approach will not pay off. Most of the new names will be moved on.

      1. Except it is gone. The actual 60 million for Suarez plus a 30-40M transfer budget…
        Markovic 20M, Lovren 20M, Origi 10M, Lallana 26M, Emre Can 10M = 86M. Hate to say it, but that’s the whole enchilada mate!

        1. and there’s the outgoings
          Reina(4), Borini(12), Agger(12), Coates(2), Assadi(4)
          = 34Mil recouped.

          86mil-34mil= 52mil spent so far.

          money still there for one more attacker and LB.

    1. Cavani is nowhere near suarez’ level. Hes overrated because his hair makes him look like a top footballer.

  8. You guys are guessing. Plain and simple. Last preseason, you said we would be 6th/7th best case 5th. It was all agreed by the experts. We started the season well without Suarez. And matter of fact in the latter half of the season, it was Sterling who was LFC best player when Suarez’s scoring dried up. He was also the most dangerous player against City and Chelsea when they shut down Suarez. Apart from Suarez, we have our entire team back. Most of who are young players not even in their prime. Sturridge Sterling Coutinho, Henderson, Flanagan, Sakho. All have loads of improvement to do. We add two more young players in Can and Markovic. We had to buy alot of players no matter what. We barely had any subs who could change the game last season but didn’t need it. With the CL, we needed a bigger squad. Fact is we don’t need to score 101 goals to win the league or be in the top 4. We can drop down to the 80s and concede less goals and still be in great position. No one man team ever scores 101 goals. Its a ridiculous assessment and lazy. Its only a couple weeks left for the season to start and everyone will know soon enough. IMO we will be fine and this team will continue to grow together.

    1. agreed. the bigger squad was already in the plans before Suarez left. The Suarez fee is still pretty much intact. Liverpool football club has as much quality depth than its had in years and they’re still looking to upgrade with the Suarez fee.

  9. It’s going to take time for the new Liverpool players to come good. The players from abroad will have to get used to a new league and the Southampton contingency will have to get used to playing for a title contender which is a lot different to playing for a mid-table team.

    One cannot underestimate the loss of Suarez who not only scored goals but also occupied defenders and was excellent in setting up team-mates. So far Liverpool have gone for quantity over quality and you need a like for like replacement. You cannot replace Suarez with 2 or 3 players, only 11 can play at a time. I foresee lots of ups and downs for Liverpool this season and it is difficult to predict what will happen by the time the season ends. Life after Suarez is an unknown.

  10. I’m not sure about the statistics but from what I’ve experienced supporting LFC, Coming off of the last 3 World Cups, Liverpool had terrible seasons. That’s the one thing I’m worried about next season. Apart from that, It’s business as usual. Signing young and hungry players over seasoned footballers with astronomical wages. Still would like to see one “marquee” striker signing. We always had one of the best strikers in our teams since the early days so I’d like us to continue that tradition.

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