US TV Schedule for Tonight’s Games Featuring Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City & Others: Open Thread

Eight matches are being played tonight across the United States and Canada featuring some of the biggest names in world soccer including Manchester United, Liverpool, AS Monaco, Tottenham Hotspur and AS Roma. For soccer fans that like to watch games on television, tonight is the biggest night since the World Cup Final ended on July 13.

If you’re fortunate to live near any of the following cities, last minute tickets are still available:

Liverpool vs AS Roma, Fenway Park, Boston
Sporting Kansas City vs Manchester City, Sporting KC Stadium, Kansas City
FC Dallas vs Aston Villa, Toyota Stadium, Dallas
LA Galaxy vs Manchester United, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles
AS Monaco vs Atletico Nacional, Miami
Toronto FC vs Tottenham Hotspur, BMO Field
Columbus Crew vs Crystal Palace, Crew Stadium
Ottawa Fury vs Rangers, Canada

But for those of you who will be watching on television and/or online, here’s the TV/Internet schedule for viewers in the United States:

Toronto vs Tottenham (friendly), 7pm, ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes
Columbus Crew vs Crystal Palace (friendly), 7pm, YouTube
Liverpool vs AS Roma (friendly), 7:30pm, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra
Sporting Kansas City vs Manchester City (friendly), 9pm, ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes
LA Galaxy vs Manchester United (friendly), 10:30pm, FOX Sports 1

Starting lineups:

Toronto: Konopka, Hall, Orr, Henry, Morgan, Oduro, Warner, Bekker, Lovitz, Gilberto, Defoe

Tottenham: Friedel, Naughton, Kaboul, Veljkovic, Davies, Capoue, Mason, Lamela, Lennon, Eriksen, Soldado

Subs: McGee, Fredericks, Walker, Rose, Dawson, Fryers, Falque, Carroll, Ceballos, Townsend, Holtby, Kane.


Columbus: Lampson; Barson, Gehrig, Parkhurst ©, Francis; Speas, Trapp, Viana, Meram; Paladini; Bedell.

Subs: Speroni, Ward, Dann, Delaney, Jerome Williams, Puncheon, Jedinak, Ledley, Bolasie, Murray, Gayle

Crystal Palace: Speroni, Ward, Dann, Delaney, Jerome Williams, Puncheon, Jedinak, Ledley, Bolasie, Murray, Gayle


Liverpool: Jones, Kelly, Skrtel, Coates, Enrique, Lucas, Allen, Coutinho, Borini, Lambert, Ibe

Subs: Ward, Agger, Henderson, Can, Suso, Coady, Phillips, Robinson, Peterson

AS Roma: Skorupski, Somma, Benatia, Castan, Cole, Florenzi, Keita, Nainggolan, Iturbe, Totti, Ljajic


Sporting Kansas City: Gruenebaum; Juliao, Collin, Besler, Sinovic; Olum, Lopez, Feilhaber; Sapong, Dwyer, Saad

Manchester City: Caballero, Richards, Kolarov, Boyata, Rekik, Navas, Fernando, Zuculini, Kelechi, Sinclair, Jovetic


LA Galaxy: Penedo; Gargan, Meyer, Leonardo, DLG; Ishizaki, Sarvas, Juninho, Husidic, Keane, Zardes

Manchester United: De Gea, Smalling, Jones, Evans, Valencia, Fletcher (c), Herrera, Shaw, Mata, Welbeck, Rooney


Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

69 thoughts on “US TV Schedule for Tonight’s Games Featuring Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City & Others: Open Thread”

  1. This is a rare night where viewers get to see & compare how NBCSN, ESPN & FOX Sportshandle/treat football broadcasts in the span of a few hours.

    Yes we all have our firm & sometimes vocal opinions on how these networks treat football. Although it’s good to actually be able to compare how all three covers various pre-season games

    1. It’s nice to have so many choices tonight. I also find it kind of weird to be watching Premier League teams in the evening. It’s such a weekend morning tradition (for me, anyway).

    1. Do you happen to know who the play by play man was for Fox Sports 1 between LA Galaxy and Manchester United? i know Warren Barton was the color commentator, but I don’t know who the play by play man was.

  2. Bad timing by Arlo. Just as he says “red balloons float away into the Boston sky,” the camera pans to them floating back down toward the pitch.

  3. Early doors in the Liverpool game but it’s not exactly the World Cup is it? Dull stuff so far. Like 22 strangers having a kick-about.

  4. Why does the score ticker say Barclays Premier League?

    NBCs broadcast tonight has been a little uneven to say the least. I guess it’s pre-season for them too.

    Fenway’s ground staff must have run out of paint. Those are the worst lines I’ve ever seen on a soccer pitch.

  5. The first 5 minutes of Sporting KC-Manchester City has been more exciting than 85 minutes of Roma-Liverpool.

  6. Zuculini looks a player. Hope he gets a good season as Sevilla (i believe) in and then breaks into the first team next season.

  7. Good interview by Sturridge. He responded well to their questions without the typical formulaic answers.

    1. Agreed. Came across really well. A career in television awaits when he’s done playing.

      Just wish he would be more clinical in front of goal. Misses too many sitters.

  8. Like all other sports its really exciting to see your team take the field/pitch/ice for the first preseason match but then 5 min. in you’re reminded that you ARE watching a preseason match and nothing of real relevance.

    1. Hope all is going well for you and your son. How do you feel about the additions and subtractions to your side? It is always easier being a underdog with no expectations.

      1. Thanks jtm, going to PA for the weekend with him and my mother. As for LFC, do you really think they have no expectations? In the attack I actually think they are deeper than they were last year. They cant replace Suarez talent but they can replace his production. Defense is up in the air ’cause they are just starting to address it with the whole Suarez fee to bankroll. I like what they’re doing so far and Rodgers has my confidence. Remember Liverpool’s transfer philosophy always was they don’t buy stars…they make them. I expect no less than a Champions league spot, but it will be tough. Chelsea is stronger but it’s a squad where strikers go to die, Arsenal is stronger but they depend on players that can’t stay fit, City are the Champions, Liverpool is young with promise and potential but right now it’s just potential, Tottenham is stronger and I expect Erikssen and Lamella to be a potent combo. Im not buying the United LVG hype. A manager change and potential overhaul of the roster will mean struggles early but potentially better in the 2nd half. To me, realistically, United’s year can be next year.
        Either way the upcoming year should be exciting. Cant wait for those magical European nights at Anfield I keep hearing about.:)

  9. The comedy of errors begins for FOX with a mic not working for Mikael Silvestre (not that it makes much of a difference) and Rob Stone commentating with two co-commentators Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda.

    Tonight is the unofficial first chance for FOX to make a good impression post-World Cup 2014.

    1. It really is amplified by having just watched matches on ESPN and NBC Sports just how poor they are. I’m getting depressed just thinking about the 2018 WC.

  10. After spending 4 hours of ESPN and NBC Sports, immediately the camera angle from Fox Sports is driving my crazy.

    1. And they’re hardly commentating on the game. They’re talking about Van Gaal and other aspects instead of commentating about what’s happening in the moment.

    1. Which is why you need a good commentating team more than ever to help the viewer and give them insight.

      1. It really is shocking gaffer that after a great debut Season by NBC then the World Cup on ESPN we have to go back to this.

        As for the match we definitely look a lot better and are moving the ball a lot better through the midfield.

    1. Interestingly, the halftime highlights showed camera angles that were zoomed in and weren’t the zoomed out ones that we saw in the first half.

      1. Another pet peeve… If you are going to run the ticker at the bottom… show the full picture, and then put the ticker below it instead of overlaying over the shot. That when we the cameraman is framing the shot, what he sees it what goes on the screen. When the ball is near the touchline on the bottom of the screen, you can’t see it with the damn ticker in place.

        1. Unlike NBC, which takes viewer feedback and comments on blogs into consideration, I’ve been told that the FOX Sports executives don’t pay attention to what writers or viewers think, which continues to be self evident based on their piss-poor coverage. But your point is well taken KapUSMC.

          1. Just looking at the screen right now and there is TWO fox logos, a running ticker and a game clock with a scoreboard.

  11. Is it me or is the Rose Bowl playing a canned the “Glory Glory Man United” song whenever Man United score? The first time I heard it, I thought it was the fans singing. But on the second and third goals, it sounds like it’s canned audio played over the PA system. If so, that’s awful.

          1. It must be Chevrolet’s doing based on their United TV commercial, which is pretty shameful in my opinion (using the canned audio over the PA).

    1. Was at the game, they played “Glory MU” at least 5x prior to the match. After everytime MU scored and a couple times at halftime for measure and in the post match.

  12. Wow! this has GOT to tick off LA Galaxy. one, there seems to be more United fans in the building. Two, you’re making GOD AWFUL errors to put you out of the match and third, every time you give up a goal you have to hear “Glory, Glory…” in what SHOULD be your home pitch.

  13. Wow I feel like I’m pitch side now with the camera angle. I can final pick out Herrera and watch his movement off the ball.

  14. It’s a disgrace that Fox can air anything from the beautiful game on TV. They can’t even do a preseason friendly right.
    They ruined the Champions league with Gus.
    Rob Stone – “The extra point is good”
    Is this where I roll up to Fox HQ with my AK?

  15. I can’t stand people who say “don’t look into pre-season games and 90min later say United ARE back after winning 7-0 in a meaningless game only to give United another trophy.

  16. 7-0 defeat against United playing their first friendly under a new manager. No kidding people don’t take the MLS seriously.

  17. It’s just amazing how amateurish Fox are compared to either NBC or ESPN. The only redeeming feature of an otherwise predictably poor broadcast was no screaming clueless idiot. Surely he should be commentating every game on Fox as part of his on the job training? Voice of soccer my a*s!

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