Burnley Home and Away Shirts for 2014/15 Season: Official [PHOTOS]

Burnley recently announced their new kits for the 2014/15 season, with a traditional claret and blue and a daring all black away jersey.

As with such an historic club like Burnley, the home kit has been tampered with very little. Sky blue sleeves and piping surround the claret body, with the Puma logo on the right side of the chest and the Burnley crest matching it on the right. The FUN88 casino logo sits in the middle, something that looks scarily similar to the Aston Villa kits that were once sponsored by Genting Casinos. However, the logo is rather fitting, with 1888 being the year of the formation of one of the world’s oldest soccer clubs.

Traditional, plainly adorned white shorts alongside claret socks with blue piping make up the rest of the kit. The kit is a far cry from the skin tight Puma fits we have seen at the World Cup and will see at the Emirates this season, looking to be a lot roomier, giving this shirt a classic, bespoke look about it.

One neat feature is the new round collar, with a mini placket coming down. Many of the recent designs have toyed with the sky blue collar, and I for one am glad to see it sticking around.

The Burnley away shirt is where things depart from the traditional. An all black kit is always a good idea, but is hard to execute well. This shirt features a silver piping and detailing that works well on the respective logos and crests on the shirts.

However, when going for this imposing, all black look, it feels the jersey fits a bit loosely to fully carry the effect that it could. Manchester City and Brazil have both toyed with all black kits to varying degrees as well as Portugal’s famous ‘venom’ kit – and these all seem to look better, the more daring they are. The club released the kit behind a greyscale shot of the town, which, without color ends up looking drab instead of menacing. The kit almost looks the same way. It’s a nice concept, but one that feels like the designers have compromised on their initial, bolder ideas. Perhaps it will look better on the pitch, but this kit has just missed the mark for me.

Side note – on both kits, the sponsors have been changed from the “FUN88” logo to a “BFC82” club endorsed logo on youth kits. This is due to regulations on gambling advertisements.

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