Real Madrid Announce Signing of Toni Kroos And Continue To Flex Its Global Muscle

Real Madrid has completed the signing of midfielder Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich. The 24-year-old German international has signed a six-year contract with the Spanish giants and reigning European champions.

According to reports in the Spanish capital, Kroos will be presented in the Royal Box this afternoon at the Santiago Bernabeu. He will then step onto the pitch for the first time wearing a Real Madrid shirt which will don his new shirt number — eight.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper AS, the former-Bayern Munich player had this to say about his move to Madrid: “Coming here is a dream come true.” When further pressed about playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, the German midfielder said: “He’s a great player, but Madrid have other fantastic footballers.”

The transfer fee for Kroos’ switch from the Bundesliga champions to the champions of Europe is believed to be in the region of £20m.

Real Madrid are showing that the club has no plans on paring back its transfer spending after ending a 12-year wait for the UEFA Champions League.

The purchase of Kroos from Bayern Munich may be overshadowed in the coming days and weeks if a rumored move for AS Monaco’s James Rodriguez comes to fruition.

The Colombian midfield star has been on many footballing experts radar for some time, but his six-goal, two-assist performance for his country during the World Cup has placed him firmly on the global stage.

Real Madrid has been hot on the 23-year-old’s trail. And some news outlets in Spain have reported that the club and player have agreed to personal terms. All that’s left is for the Madrid club to negotiate the transfer of the attacking midfielder from Monaco.

Speculation is that any deal for Rodriguez will cost the Spanish giants between €70-80m (£55.4-63.3m).

After purchasing Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur for a record-breaking £85.3m last summer, Real Madrid are showing no signs of slowing down in the transfer market.

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has sanctioned more than £600m ($1 billion) of signings since 2000.

And, for the second year in a row, Forbes has named Real Madrid as the most valuable sports team in the world.

According to the annual list, the current champions of Europe are worth $3.44 billion (£2b) then are followed by Barcelona $3.2b (£1.9b) and Manchester United $2.81b (£1.6b).

The value of teams is calculated based on equity, debt and stadium deals.

5 thoughts on “Real Madrid Announce Signing of Toni Kroos And Continue To Flex Its Global Muscle”

  1. So if they sign Rodriguez does that mean they are giving up on Isco already?

    On another note a midfield of Kenobi anchoring Kroos and Modric would be sick. Barça beware.

    1. It doesn’t make much sense tactically with those 3. It’d be an excellent technical midfield with 3 ball players but that midfield is lightweight and all 3 are susceptible off the ball.
      Xabi is getting old and this world cup showcased his mortality.
      Modric and Kroos are both extremely similar players and unless Madrid favor the possession approach which doesn’t suit the BBC very well. Both of them can be found wanting off the ball and by replacing Di Maria with Kroos they’ve lost a lot of energy in the midfield. Di Maria was on another level when he was moved back to a CM role. He was the MOTM in the UCL final and his dribble that set up Bales go ahead goal which 99% of people forgot that it was Angel’s run past 4 Atletico defenders.
      Kroos is a better CM than Angel by far but for Madrid Angel is the more suitable option for that midfield 3.
      They have 3 slow midfielders in the trio and 2 of which are nearly the same type of player.
      Them signing James makes no sense either and personally most Blaugranas don’t fear Madrid because they do these ridiculous transfers every year and when they bought CR7 and Kaka we beat them in the Champions League in 2011.
      We need to reinforce but people forget they were 2 minutes away from complete and utter failure against a team that had to fight for the League title the previous week.

      1. U betrayed your flawed logic by revealing yourself to be a Barça fan. Alonso is a top notch defensive midfielder (he saved Spain a few times in Euro 2012) and was crucial to defeating Bayern last season. Both Kroos and Modric are very underrated defensively as well. Modric really improved there last season for Madrid. Kroos has plenty of energy, as do Bale and Benzema up front.

        Dont worry you Barça boys have gotten rid of the players you shouldve kept, and will keep plodding along with your predictable tactics. Real will be playing some incredible football next season.

        Its the following season that i think they will need a replacement for Alonso. Baffling to be selling Khedira.

        1. Has everyone forgotten that we’ve beaten Real Madrid twice out of the three games we played against them this season?
          Alonso is top notch but he can’t play week in week out anymore. Defensively Kroos was horrible against Real Madrid in the Champions League. When he was forced to defend he looked incredibly poor. You can’t play the likes of Arsenal, City, and United every week.
          The playing style isn’t ineffective but more that the key player for Tiki Taka Xavi has declined.
          Barcelona will not stop playing Tiki Taka and for all the people that think itis dead they don’t watch football.
          For such a dead playing Style it’s gotten us to a Second place league finish and if not for us conceding on a corner we beat Atletico and win La Liga.

          1. You guys didnt beat Real in the second league fixture. The ref did by calling 2 penalties that werent (3 if you count ronaldo’s) and giving out a bogus red card.

            Score should have been 2-2 and everybody knew it.

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