Manchester United Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

New photos of Manchester United’s away shirt for the 2014/15 season have been leaked on the Internet featuring a white shirt with black collar and buttoned neck. The leaked images may be close to the finished article of the upcoming season’s Manchester United away shirt.

Despite the ink still drying on a new lucrative Adidas kit deal, Manchester United will continue to play in a Nike shirt this upcoming season. The prospective new away shirt carries the infamous Nike swoosh in red, and a small ‘Red Devils’ icon in black – tucked away under the top button for the collar. There may be three buttons running down the collar although it is hard to tell by looking solely at these leaked photos.

The new Manchester United home shirt was unveiled last week; however the away kit is regularly released while the club is on tour for pre-season. The club jets off to the United States on its preseason tour this Friday.

For its away shirt, last season Manchester United sported a blue checked shirt with a tight collar. The season before (12/13), the club wore a white away number. Unfortunately that was coupled with a long, red collar that drooped to mid chest, unlike the smart button neck collar this new kit models.

Although the button neck may not be for everybody, the white will be a welcome return for fans at Old Trafford. A club of Manchester United’s stature need to play in bright, bold colors, not dark blue tartan. It is essential that the shirt is recognizable from a distance as a unique piece of manufacturing; it is representing a huge world brand.

Irrelevant of the looks, Manchester United regularly leads the way in shirt sales and there is no evidence to show they are slowing down. This new kit will be eagerly anticipated.

Manchester United’s away shirt has continued the trend of tight fitting soccer shirts, despite its retro button-up collar. The bright white, buttoned shirt looks sharp — much like the soccer Manchester United will be hoping to play this coming Premier League campaign.

7 thoughts on “Manchester United Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. I just hate that ugly Chevy logo. It could have been a bit smaller and monotone to fit the kit. All that’s needed is a set of headlights and off we go.

  2. That’s another kit I won’t be buying. Thanks, ManU!
    Anyone remember when ManU had great looking kits? Remember when Nike didn’t put a buttoned Polo collar on everything?

  3. That shirt looks like an old school rugby shirt. The Chevy logo, as mentioned before, will take a lot of getting used to.

    The cynic in me sees Nike squeezing the last golden egg out of this goose. A return to a white alternate kit as an excuse to need a third kit too, since United will play the red/white stripes of Stoke, Sunderland, and Southampton this season. They could go with the blue/black checked effort, just like the old white from the year before made the odd appearance, but I shouldn’t be surprised to see Nike slide out one last kit – probably a blue in the hue of the ’68 European champions, to grab that last chunk of supporters’ cash.


  4. A store in Bristol actually started selling the shirt by mistake. The collar is red underneath. I actually quite like the old rugby shirt design, except for the Chevrolet logo.

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