Third Place World Cup Game Between Netherlands-Brazil is Completely Meaningless

I hate to burst the bubble of Brazil fans and South Americans looking forward to watching Saturday’s Third Place Final between Netherlands and Brazil, but most of the world couldn’t care about the game.

The game is a glorified friendly, and it always has been and always will.

In future years, few people will remember who finished third in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Winning a third place medal has little to no meaning to the footballers or the majority of soccer fans.

For Brazil, today, it’s a chance to finish the tournament on a positive note, and to try to finish the tournament with their heads held high.

For Netherlands, it’s a game that doesn’t mean anything. The footballers will not want to get injured for the upcoming club season, so you’re not going to see the committed tackles you would normally see in a typical World Cup game. Plus, you’re likely to see some players start today that haven’t had much playing time this tournament.

Here are the thoughts of Netherlands manager Louis Van Gaal regarding today’s game:

”I think that this match should never be played.

I’ve been saying this for 10 years. But anyway, we will just have to play that match.”

Netherlands star striker Arjen Robben was asked how he felt about playing in the Third Place Final. He responded:

”They can keep it.

“Only one prize counts and that is becoming world champion.”

I agree with both Robben and Van Gaal.

I’ll be watching the Third Place game because I love soccer and it’s my job, but it’s one of those games that are completely meaningless. The result means nothing. Yet, FIFA continues to play the game every four years.

The Third Place Final kicks off at 4pm ET today between Netherlands and Brazil on ESPN and Univision.

5 thoughts on “Third Place World Cup Game Between Netherlands-Brazil is Completely Meaningless”

  1. Nothing more than a pure money grab for fifa. should never happen. wonder if LVG holds out RVP? would be great if both sides agreed no tackles just pass it around to let fifa know this is a waste. sorry for the fans.

  2. It’s even worse because it’s just an opp privity for a team to lose back to back. For a team like Brazil, that would just be sad.

  3. I will not watch 3rd place matches. There are a complete waste of time, with one (or both) team(s) going through the motion.

    LvG will start 11 Dutch reserves, as he should.

    Just award both semifinal losers bronze medals and send them both home, where they would both rather be.

    UEFA abolished the 3rd place match at the European Championship decades ago.

    1. Hmm I don’t know… maybe, just maybe to continue a tradition that has been going on for almost as long as the World Cup exist? Maybe just mabe to determine out of the 2 losing semifinalists which one is the 3rd best team of the tournament?

      I don’t get it. Did people just woke up from a coma and realize that World Cup tournaments have 3rd place games? Is this any different than any of the other 3rd place games in the past World Cup?

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