How Will Luis Suarez Be Remembered By Liverpool Supporters?

Luis Suarez’s transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona is complete as the Premier League club has agreed to sell the Uruguayan striker to the Spanish giants for £63.4-£75million, depending on whether you believe sources close to Barcelona or Liverpool.

Now that the 27-year-old’s move to La Liga is history, I’m wondering how he will be remembered by the faithful supporters of the Anfield club?

Just to get this out of the way, I am a Manchester United supporter. Two of my favorite players of all time are Roy Keane and Eric Cantona. Both of these players were without question one of the greats at each of their respective positions. But neither were choir boys.

Roy Keane still hold the record for the most red cards in the history of English football, thirteen.

His most notable on-the-field incident being the knee-high challenge on Manchester City’s Alf-Inge Haaland that could have ended the Norwegian’s career (a tackle that Keane later confessed was premeditated).

While Eric Cantona, for all his footballing genius and goodwill around the world, will always be remembered for his 1995 kung-fu kick on Crystal Palace supporter Matthew Simmons, that led to a nine-month suspension from the club; he was also sentenced to two weeks in prison, which was later reduced to 120 hours of community service.

With that said, both players were tremendous on-the-field servants while at Manchester United and are still universally admired by the club’s supporters.

Keane had a falling out with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and ended his career at Celtic. Despite the behind the scenes issues between the manager and the player, Manchester United still honored Keane with a testimonial match against his new Scottish club in May 2006.

Cantona retired from football at the age of 30 in 1997. Although this announcement surprised Manchester United supporters, the Frenchman called an end to his career after contributing to the team’s fourth championship in five years. Although his name had been linked with possible moves away from the club, Cantona held to his word that he would retire from football as a Manchester United player. “I always planned to retire when I was at the top and at Manchester United I have reached the pinnacle of my career,” Cantona said.

To this day, both players will hear their names being serenaded around the stands at Old Trafford.

Cantona chant:

Another name still heard being sung around Premier League grounds by United supporters is Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

Of course, Ronaldo never had the on-the-field issues of Keane and Cantona. But the Portuguese forward was constantly being linked with a move to Real Madrid over his final two seasons and his imminent departure was a constant source of stress amongst the club’s supporters.

Despite his desire to leave the club, United fans still hold the player close to their hearts and treat him as if he’s still a member of the club.

Ronaldo chant:

But I wonder if Liverpool supporters will do the same for Luis Suarez?

Keane and Cantona brought some “embarrassment” to the club with their actions. But they won and their loyalty to the club was never questioned.

Ronaldo pushed for an exit to Real Madrid. But he also led United to Premier League titles, European glory and won the Ballon d’Or during his time at Old Trafford.

All three players still speak glowingly of their time with the club (although Keane has never held back on his comments regarding his personal relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson).

Last season, Luis Suarez led Liverpool back into European competition and had them flirting with their first league title since 1990. And putting all bias aside, I can say that I am a fan of Luis Suarez as a footballer. He is one of the best players I have ever seen at his position.

But it seemed, ever since his arrival, that Suarez was looking to leave the club for greener (Spanish) pastures. At one point it can be argued that the player and his agent were trying to engineer a move to one of Liverpool’s Premier League rivals, Arsenal.

The player just never seemed settled at the club and his “happiness” was a constant source of worry for Liverpool supporters.

And his on-the-field actions were a source of global embarrassment for the club.

While at Liverpool, Suarez was accused of racially abusing Patrice Evra and suspended for eight matches. He was handed another one-match ban for making an offensive hand gesture towards Fulham supporters, then refused to shake Patrice Evra’s hand which sparked more controversy, served a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic and his latest bite at the World Cup will see him serve a four-month ban from football.

Now that the Uruguayan finally has his wish and has moved to the Catalan club, I wonder how he will be remembered by Liverpool fans?

Will the “Suarez chants” still be sung around the stands at Anfield and at various Premier League grounds by Liverpool supporters in the years to come? The same way that Cantona and Ronaldo’s names are with Manchester United supporters?

Suarez chant:

Or will Liverpool fans choose to move on and focus on the players who remain at the club?

14 thoughts on “How Will Luis Suarez Be Remembered By Liverpool Supporters?”

  1. Suarez is a world class player, top 10 player in the world at the moment. He brought a lot of joy, excitement and quality to Liverpool. Best goal scorer the team has had since Owen.

    It will be difficult if not impossible to find a replacement for him.

    Good luck, Luis!

  2. I believe he will be remembered fondly as he was terrific for them. The fact that he never lied about his intentions to leave the club means he will be well received if he returned to Anfield with Barca.

  3. How will I remember Saurez. For three things really: One for his racist comments & attitude costing a man he’s not fit to lace the boots of, his job. Dalglish was a true red legend. 2: For his act to emulate Count Dracula. Suarez will always be remembered as a BITER. Three his constant diving. He really should think about entering the diving events in the next Olympic Games. A sad indictment of a player we expected so much more from. I doubt he is anywhere near the Messi class and will eventually get less & less playing time at Barca. Sad but the pay & work hours are good whilst it lasts & bugger the team or opposition.

  4. Will always be missed he did everything on the pitch for Liverpool and has brought back champions league and nearly had the league title good luck in the future

  5. He will be remembered for his temperamental attitude, his racist remarks, his diving nature and his cheating antics.

  6. Glad he is gone what a dirt bag I hope it blows up in Barca’s face. Can not stand the biter or Barca go RM.

    1. Agreed hey better savour your one last clasico before he comes back from his ban (if you plan on making good on your vow that is)

      1. That vow will be enforced I will never watch a match he is playing in EVER. Just glad i won’t miss any LFC/Everton matches.

        1. Id take el clasico (with a decent ref–the last league matchup was an absolute joke) over the Merseyside derby if i could only choose one.

          1. to much drama and play acting. not a big fan of Ramos either. Lfc/Everton is real world Barca/RM is Hollywood. I am a real world kind of guy.

  7. The Liverpool fans have much to thank him for. As to how he is remembered, I’ll leave that to the Liverpool supporters. As a United fan, I took no joy when Liverpool flirted with the relegation zone. I take no joy in cheating…anybody cheating. I am glad to see him go. I wonder if in his twisted mind he now sees that it is unnecessary to submit a transfer request, but only bring out the canines?
    I applaud Liverpool for a quick and decisive move to rid their storied club of this stain on their legacy.

  8. Considering how they treated him through the racism, the biting, and the unapologetic behaviour / accusations of being victimized for his antics when he wore their colours, Liverpool fans’ support for him should remain the same: unconditional.


  9. The question was how will Suarez be remembered by Liverpool supporters. Judging by the Liverpool forums, quite well. He was instrumental in getting them to the Champions League and was one of the few players in the league that could do something remarkable at any moment. Yes, he will also be remembered for his antics but supporters care mostly about how effective he was for their club on the football field. Similar to Cantona at United.

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